The stars above

Last weekend was weird… ish. We stayed inside the Belgian borders.

We did not manage even to leave from home on Friday, so we slept indoors, in our own bed. Cycled to the in-laws on Saturday, that was a 50 – 55 km tour. On not so comfy bike saddle and with minimal amount of fitness. Auh. You know what I am talking about. Auh.


So, after that torture, we decided to go sleep outside and hike the next day. Good weather was promised for the whole weekend, and a bit of autumn colors were pushing through. What better place to be, than Wallonia? Saturday’s painful cycling was followed by a small argument on where we actually should camp, and ending into the realization, that we cannot travel by car through forests; we kinda need to stick to the roads, and the distances of course grow and all that kind of yapping.

So, we decided to go camp into a spot we already knew to be good. We arrived under starlight. Standing there, in the darkness, being able to see only the silhouettes of trees drawn against the starry sky, be there with your Waffle. Those moments are the things you live for.

A side note to rookies, please check what kind of a tree you are pitching your tent under. If it is autumn, and if the tree in question is an oak. You won’t sleep too peacefully.


Waking up, and taking off slowly the next morning. We drove to the small city of Rochefort. Famous for beer and cheese made by monks. From there we bought a walking map of the surroundings, and received also a list of areas closed for hunting. That is nice. That way you won’t get shot. Before heading for the bush, we did a small tour around the town. Bought a baquette and some local honey. Yummy!


Hiking at this time of the year in the Luxembourg province usually means meeting a lot of mushroom hunters. All of whom trying to hide a little, so you won’t attack the same shroomy hot spot. Those forest are filled with deer and boar, too. Almost every inch of the forest bed is dug up by the strong trunks of boar. Searching for the tastiest mushrooms. It is the meat pantry on Belgium. Almost in every yard, there is a small 4×4 parked and ready to go for hunting.

I am in love with that part of the country. There are endless amounts of forests, valleys and rivers. the villages are so small and drowsy.


The stare of a cat.

Every other street could pose for a post card. Those people out there must be so happy! They live in a paradise. I am sure, in the spring they all run hand in hand across the fields and sing happy songs. Sunshine touching their hair and butterflies sitting on their shoulders. Stopping only when the winter comes. Then they’ll get into their warm homes, sit behind lace curtains, sipping tea and eating speculoos.


Pumpkins on a windowsill

I think I am delusional. But I want to move down there! At least to have a hill in sight would make me happy. Maybe we’ll live there, one day. In couple of months. Waffle seems to be quite happy about that plan too!

Over and out for now. Off for home hunting. Or something. hear you next time!


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