Will I Ever Get There? Project Half Marathon

There was meant to be a half marathon by the end of the month May. In my case, there was not. You remember how I thought I was doing fine, with the old sports tracker, which lied? The depression of realizing how slow I actually have been is till looming over me. At this point I am barely managing to do 12 km runs at speeds of 7:30 minutes a kilometer. After which I am practically dead.

I have now launched a new training programme for the half marathon in Polar. With it I should be able to do it by the midway of September, if I remember correctly. I am pretty blue about it.

Otherwise things are great. I like the new watch, my shoes are causing no harm – even my knees let me be at peace, they only hurt a little every now and then after longer runs.  So I’ll be wobbling on, powering my jogs with frustration and hatred towards my pathetic physical abilities.

And Waffle?


He did it already. Right in schedule, like a machine. The last week of May he just took off after work and ran a 20 km loop, barely breaking a sweat (Ok, ok, there I lied, he did sweat quite a bit). And did it at a massive speed of 5:53 minutes per kilometer, it took him less than two hours.

Unfair! But in the same go, amazing!

Waffle seems to be hooked to the sport and is creating new goals for himself. Eventually maybe even going for a full marathon, but time will tell.



Project Half Marathon – More Gadgets and the Ugly Face of Truth

Remember the activity tracker I bought for this project of running? The Polar A360? Mother on my wrist, commanding and nagging me to move etc.?

It is gone now, I assume it is leading an underground criminal organisation somewhere in the metro tunnels of Brussels. It slipped from my wrist one afternoon when I left work and has never been seen since. Polar might want to develop the wristband into something little sturdier.

After a brief grieving period, I bought a new gadget. I am still staying faithful to Polar, but upgrading the level of gadget. We are going smart with the M600, a smart watch. Blimey.

The watch has its own Android operating system, it is synced with my phone, Strava, Google Fit and of course Polar Flow. it also gives out more data and more accurate data. The basic things of course; activity levels, heart rate, distances etc. This thing also counts my steps per minute while running and it has built-in GPS, so my distances and speeds are recorded by a floating thing in space.

With the accurate data came the horrible truth with its ugly face.

Previously I had tracked my runs with the A360 and the crappy GPS of my old phone, which is on the same level of high-tech as a Russian potato. They gave positively satisfying info of me, running like a dream at 10 km/h for kilometres and kilometres on end.

Mwhahaha, said the new smart watch as it crumbled my sweet, sweet dreams. I barely can do 6 minutes 40 on a kilometre, which is 9 km/h. Ok, ok, now that I say it, it is not that bad at all, but it does dampen the moral a bit.

Polar training data

Gotta be rather happy with the steady heart rate though!

On top of the discovery of my real slowness, there has been some illness, some knee-related trouble and so forth, so I can tell you, there is no half marathon happening here in the end of May.

Waffle on the other hand is doing great. The damned miracle of a runner. He is almost there, running at around 11 km/h for distances of over 18 km. Just a little extra squeeze and he is done with the challenge.

He is not stopping there though. He wants to continue, until he breaks the limit of 25 km, then 30 km, and if that doesn’t hurt too bad, he’ll go on until a complete marathon. I’ll just keep on sacrificing things to the sacred spirits of running, so that my knees won’t let me down. If you have good tips on what those spirits like, I am eager to hear!

So here we have it. Is there anybody else running?

Project Half Marathon – Halfway goals

In February we started this silliness of training for a half marathon.  It seemed hopeless in the beginning, I had not run in ages and Waffle was completely against the idea of running all together.

Well, a month or two down the road and we are still running. Waffle is learning to like it, even though he refuses to admit it too loudly. He is actually doing a lot better than anyone imagined.

Waffle runs about twice a week. A shorter run during the week, usually on Wednesdays of Thursdays, with the aim of increasing his running speed. He runs now well below 6 minutes  per kilometer.  He takes distance training on Sundays, running every Sunday a wee bit further. Just last week he has increased the running distance to 14 km. Incredible, I would say. I am also very jealous; my progress is a lot slower.

I then, on the other hand. I have been following the Polar 21 km running programme rather meticulously. I have a workout everyday.  4 days a week I run, from easy jog to intervals. On Sundays, just like Waffle, I do a long run. On top of that I have mobility and strength exercises planned through out the week.

Currently I am at the steady pace of about 6:30 minutes per kilometre (slow like snail, I know), last Sunday I managed to go on for 10,5 kilometers, even though it was a very hot day for so early in the spring. I was hurried on by an angrily hissing goose, a large thanks  for my achievement goes to him / her. But gees or not, I am afraid I am behind schedule, so the coming weeks I am going to have to push up the game.

all time summary

The gear then, it has not really been upgraded. The shoes are the same, just a bit more mud on them, and I am still happily running with my activity tracker. We are both now also using the free version of Strava, which is great help in tracking the routes and speeds we are doing. Also you see quite some other runners from your area. (Polar Flow has that feature too!)

The only minor complaint I have are my trail running shoes from New Balance, they cause my foot to tense up after a bit longer wobble. But I can always switch to the road shoes, so it is not a major issue.

It has been surprisingly easy to find time for all this. After all the 30 minutes to an hour per day is not such a massive sacrifice and the positive out come of seeing yourself get fit is keeping the motivation up.  And we are very happy, that nothing is broken, and everybody’s knees are holding up.

Against plenty of the odds, we might actually survive this challenge with dignity!

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