Autumn In Our Finnish Paradise

October came, and like many Finns, us too needed to get to our summer cottage to make it ready to face the harsh months of winter.  Our journey was perhaps a little longer than most. The route went first by car from Belgium to Bremen, Germany and then an early morning flight with Ryanair to…

Just passing, but for how long….

I think many expats go through thoughts like these every once in a while. How permanent is the situation of living abroad? How permanent is the current location? Should I return home or not, if yes, when? I know I have posted something similar to this before, but it seems to pop up every now…

Visiting home – The part of the Cottage life

In the previous post I left you hanging, as we were speeding up north through the countryside of Finland. It was me having the wheel as Waffle was peacefully sleeping, missing dozens of moose and a bear running across the road (just kidding Waffle, just kidding, you only missed some bush). We arrived at my…

Visiting Home – The part of the Baltic road trip

The last week of work before the summer vacation was going fast. I was shipped off to Luxembourg for meetings and Waffle had stress for transferring his knowledge to the people who would be replacing him for the coming 17 days. As Friday came, it did not feel much like a start of a holiday,…

A little piece of paradise – In Finland!

A while ago I wrote about our holiday plans for this summer. We were a bit sad to miss the mountain hikes this year, since Finland was calling. The plan was to do a road trip through Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway. Visit friends, family and some icy mountains at the Barents sea. Did we…

Missing the Mountains – Some Travel Plans

This year our summer holiday will be spent in Finland. We are going there for the first weeks of July, spending a total of 18 days on the go. The plan was first to have a shorter trip to Finland and divide our precious off days a little between different destinations. However I performed a meltdown…

A Christmas in Finland

Oh, if this wasn’t a trip I had been looking forward to a long time! A Christmas in Finland with all the traditions that make Christmas so special to me! And now hopefully for Waffle too; this would be his very first Finnish Christmas. Latvia, Riga Well, we did not make our way directly to Finland….

My Favorite Corners in the World – So Far

I am now rather useless with my right hand being all packaged up. I can read, write, make a cold lunch and wonder around endlessly. Time does not go especially fast when you spend it like that. It rather lingers and pokes weird areas in you brain.  Today I was reading a book (Katja Kettu,…

Finland, all by myself

I found myself packing again. Putting stuff together for a short trip to Finland. My dear friend Miia had organized a sauna evening for the bunch of girls we survived through the university studies with. That was enough for me to hunt down a plane and go. Waffle would be staying home. That felt odd….

Visitors from Finland – The Oldies

Once more we were expecting visitors from back home and getting ready to show them all the best sides of Belgium. This time the lot was a bit different though. They were my parents, visiting my new home for the first time.  That also meant, that very soon the parents both mine and Waffle’s would meet….

Finland – Once more

I missed winter so bad I had to go to Finland to hunt down some snow, friends and family.

Koli – How I got hooked to Hiking

This is the story of my first ever over night hiking trip. The trip, that got me hooked to this style of life. In the landscape that is so dear to Finnish people, Koli national park.