My Favorite Corners in the World – So Far

I am now rather useless with my right hand being all packaged up. I can read, write, make a cold lunch and wonder around endlessly. Time does not go especially fast when you spend it like that. It rather lingers and pokes weird areas in you brain.  Today I was reading a book (Katja Kettu,…

The well kept secrets of Wales – Part Two

The last pieces of our trip to the wonderful Wales. This must be one of the more beautiful holidays we have had. Wales has our hearts!

The well kept secrets of Wales – Part One

Once more a long weekend took us by surprise. We had no plans at all but 4 days of freedom, no work, no nothing, just freedom. So as usual, Google maps and street view worked over time. We were eyeing the Alps, Normandy, even Brittany, until we noticed the small, innocent looking piece of land in…

Skye and Goodbye to UK

So The Isle of Skye was in front of us. And so was the first night we would spend on the island. We were looking for cover from the wind and rain. That was clearly a mistake. The small biting flies, that we later learned were called midges, gladly populated calm and covered places too….