Missing the Mountains – Some Travel Plans

This year our summer holiday will be spent in Finland. We are going there for the first weeks of July, spending a total of 18 days on the go. The plan was first to have a shorter trip to Finland and divide our precious off days a little between different destinations. However I performed a meltdown…

The most beautiful mornings

If you have been following our travels, you might already guess, that this post is not going to be filled with hotel recommendations. Instead this is a list of the 5 most memorable mornings, in the most memorable places around Europe for this duo of travellers. They are listed chronologically, since it would be way too difficult…

Romania – To Fagaras

Magnificent mountains of Fagaras. Chill nights and beautiful road trips. A good way to end a great holiday!

Romania – To Retezat

Romania, gangsters, beggars and poverty? More like wild nature, mountains and wonderful experiences!

My Favorite Corners in the World – So Far

I am now rather useless with my right hand being all packaged up. I can read, write, make a cold lunch and wonder around endlessly. Time does not go especially fast when you spend it like that. It rather lingers and pokes weird areas in you brain.  Today I was reading a book (Katja Kettu,…