Azores – Island hopping – Hop 2

With some black sand still stuck to our boots we headed to the capital, returned our car and entered the tiny airport of Ponta Delgada to catch the plane to Terceira. The plane was arriving late from the mainland, so we ended up loitering around the one cafe the terminal has.

On Terceira we would be meeting up and staying with the wonderful Johanna, behind the Vida na Atlantida -blog, as well as her husband Zé and Sisu the Corgi. I actually discovered the magic of Azores first through her blog. And now later on I learned via her about the Terceira Tech Island project. A job prospect I had been massaging all over Waffle’s face for the past half a year. Waffle was getting sick of it, but at least now we would be meeting someone who had hands on experience on the matter. We were quite excited!

The plane finally arrived and a short hour later we touched the ground on another rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. We quickly got our rental car of the day, hit the shop and drove off to São Mateus; a small town not far from the beautiful Angra do Heroismo, where Johanna and Zé reside.

We received a warm welcome at the gate of our hosts, and were escorted into the living room. An evening of food and laughter was about to begin. We shared thought on these green islands and their way of life as well as snooped for information about the Terceira Tech Island, which clearly was tickling Waffle’s fancy.

We had been playing around with the thought of maybe one day moving to these islands. The way of life, the nature and isolation forms an intriguing combination, which I would not mind being a part of. Meeting people who had made the move and made it work for them was extremely inspirational. Thank you for that Johanna and Zé!

Johanna is busy with macramé and you can find her works under the name VANAMOknots (no affiliation here!).

The following morning greeted us with mist. The Azorean type of mist, that swallows everything and leaves the world white and shapeless. The more than gentle sea breeze was making sure the world wouldn’t stay that way for very long. And we ended having a pleasantly warm, almost sunny winter’s day. A walk was called for!

Our first visit to Terceira had been hectic, as our holidays always are. We had managed to cover most of the islands marked trails. We didn’t let that bother us too much, but headed together with Johanna and Sisu to a coastal path, which was enjoying even some occasional sunshine.

It is not terribly difficult to find beautiful places from this island, but this part of the coast is maybe a little bit cuter than the next. We headed to the rugged coastline between Porto Judeu and Porto Martins. There are many stacks in the sea there and tiny capes, loads of bird life as well as quite some history, as it happened to be the arena for a battle between the Portuguese and Spanish in the 19th century.

The sea was calm and we couldn’t help but try and see, if there was a seal or a whale hiding in the waves. It is highly unlikely to spot one from the dry land, but a curious mind is always hopeful. The trail was taking us up and down the capes and across meadows and juniper shrubs. The fresh sea wind kept things nicely cool as we followed the coast towards a viewpoint, looking over the coast.

Our flight to Pico would leave in the late afternoon, so after the walk we still had a few moments to visit the office of Zé’s company in Praia da Vitoria. They have a lovely homey office in an old building right at the center, with an enviable view over the city and harbor. Wouldn’t mind working in an environment like that. Although, the call of the green hills and waves might occasionally prove too strong not to answer.

Our short stay on the island had come to an end and we had to make our way to the airport, even tinier than the one on São Miguel. This hop would take us to Pico, where our holiday would truly start!

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