Missing the Mountains – Some Travel Plans

This year our summer holiday will be spent in Finland. We are going there for the first weeks of July, spending a total of 18 days on the go. The plan was first to have a shorter trip to Finland and divide our precious off days a little between different destinations. However I performed a meltdown…

A Mini Getaway to Cyprus

To be honest, our expectations for Cyprus were not that high. We were expecting to find a similar touristic island as Mallorca is. So no wild nature, no peace and people everywhere. Friday the 13th was our date to fly. The curse of the date seemed to be true this time. The winter had arrived…

Romania – To Retezat

Romania, gangsters, beggars and poverty? More like wild nature, mountains and wonderful experiences!

How what and why – Montenegro?

As there already are 3 posts about our trip to Montenegro, I figured a fourth one wouldn’t hurt. Much. This is going to be a little guide for you who maybe want to visit this pearl of the Balkans, maybe even go and hike the wilderness of the mountains. So, why to go, what to…

Montenegró – A Fairytale – Part 1

Montenegó, a country of canyons, corges, mountains, crystal clear waters, meadows of flowers and the most honest and hard working people. This is the first part of the hiking and road tripping holiday we made to this pearl of the Balkans!