Sink or Swim

So many of these learning experiences in my life are related to horses. This particular one, has to do with the very first steps of owning one of those magnificent animals. I got her when I was 12. She was 12 too. I had 6 years of experiences about life among horses, mainly in riding schools…

Looking back – Going forth

It is December now, today, is the day exactly a year after my first visit to Belgium. Exciting. I guess now is the proper time to look back and see all that happened, or didn’t happen, should have happened and so on. In my case, a lot has happened. I have lived the busiest, most exciting, happiest and…

Misplaced Inconvenience

I have a bad tendency to misplace things, right at the time I would actually need them. Especially when I am moving. The first one was when I was moving from my childhood home to my very first own flat. I had forgotten my purse. And my ID, money, bank cards, phone, everything with it….

Unplugging a bloggers brain

  Unplugging your mobile, or laptop is one thing. Unplugging a brain is another. I have a long history of holidays with total computer, mobile, social media, smoke signal, radio silence. That gives you time to think. Let’s you focus on the things at hand. You see your surroundings more clearly, get the chance to hear, feel…

Why Blog, Why?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.” They say, diaries used to be private, locked small books, tucked away in a drawer somewhere. The diary got to know all your secrets in whispers and tears. They say, the modern day diary is as public as possible online out for the world to see….