Will I Ever Get There? Project Half Marathon

There was meant to be a half marathon by the end of the month May. In my case, there was not. You remember how I thought I was doing fine, with the old sports tracker, which lied? The depression of realizing how slow I actually have been is till looming over me. At this point I am barely managing to do 12 km runs at speeds of 7:30 minutes a kilometer. After which I am practically dead.

I have now launched a new training programme for the half marathon in Polar. With it I should be able to do it by the midway of September, if I remember correctly. I am pretty blue about it.

Otherwise things are great. I like the new watch, my shoes are causing no harm – even my knees let me be at peace, they only hurt a little every now and then after longer runs.  So I’ll be wobbling on, powering my jogs with frustration and hatred towards my pathetic physical abilities.

And Waffle?


He did it already. Right in schedule, like a machine. The last week of May he just took off after work and ran a 20 km loop, barely breaking a sweat (Ok, ok, there I lied, he did sweat quite a bit). And did it at a massive speed of 5:53 minutes per kilometer, it took him less than two hours.

Unfair! But in the same go, amazing!

Waffle seems to be hooked to the sport and is creating new goals for himself. Eventually maybe even going for a full marathon, but time will tell.



2 thoughts on “Will I Ever Get There? Project Half Marathon

  1. Omg I can so relate! But you have kept it going on, I gave up, because I hated it, for being so slow. Now I’ve got my speed up, running 5-7 km at the speed of less than 6min/km, I guess I tried to gain the kilometers too soon. I dunno. Or I was otherwise tired. You keep on trying! Try new ways to approach the project – you can do it! Soon your legs will remember what it was like and your lungs will realize that they’re meant to work harder 😛 And check your calories as well – those legs, they need energy to gain the running muscles. 🙂 ❤ You know these things, I'm sure, just reminding you 😛

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    1. Thank you my dear friend. 🙂

      Indeed I do know the name of this game so forth, just thought it would be a little easier than it turned out to be. But I am looking towards the September now, hopefully I am able to wobble a bit further then. 😉

      So keep on wobbling? Or how do they say….


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