Missing the Mountains – Some Travel Plans

This year our summer holiday will be spent in Finland. We are going there for the first weeks of July, spending a total of 18 days on the go. The plan was first to have a shorter trip to Finland and divide our precious off days a little between different destinations. However I performed a meltdown of homesickness, which spooked Waffle so much, that he went and booked the tickets and created a loooong summer vacation in the north.

I am happy. Very, very happy. We have organized the trip so, that we fly from Brussels to Riga with Ryanair, rent a car from there, drive through Latvia and Estonia and take a boat to Helsinki from Tallinn. We will be driving through the whole Finland all the way up to Norway and Barents Sea. Meeting friends and family on the go and hike in every attractive looking ditch and bush and fell. Magnificent!

I am a bit sad too. I always say while we plan, that there are so many places, but so little time (and money). It is almost impossible to see all the beauty in this world, that I want to see. And now we are throwing away one complete summer of traveling and spending it in Finland. No mountains, no exotic new landscapes. Just Finland. But let’s keep the happy mood about getting to visit home.

The mountains then, the once we are going to miss this year?

We have been glancing to the eastern corners of Europe. Ryanair is offering cheap flights from Germany to Romania again, we might take the opportunity since it seems the Fagaras mountains still have a lot in store for us. I hope we manage to squeeze that in somewhere in the late summer. Or the next year.

Waffle has also been flirting with the idea of going to Georgia, the country, not the state. The Russian border is littered with magnificent mountain ranges, unspoiled wilderness and interesting history, recent conflicts and they marks on the country etc. If everything works out, we might create a small road trip tour to the Turkish mountains! Next year, I hope.

Corsica. That little island there in the Mediterranean, with the famous GR20 -trail crossing it and its mountains. It has been calling for us for a long time. I hope we start to be fit enough to do it soon. We would have gone there this year. But you know, homesickness-meltdown took us to Finland.

Sounds like there is not much traveling happening this year, huh?

On the contrary. Our home extension project is coming along nicely and soon we can start spending weekends where ever we want. The Alps have never been this close to us and UK, as well as Ireland, are destinations in our dreams also, for a short getaway road trip.

Not looking so bad after all, even though we can’t do too many trips to further locations. Good thing next year is right behind the corner!


3 thoughts on “Missing the Mountains – Some Travel Plans

  1. Finland offers so much to explore. Even many of Finns do not know their country. Although I say it myself, my blog gives ideas to find places, which You not have visited. 🙂

    Welcome. Have a good day!

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  2. Sounds like traveling in Finland is not a bad plan at all! Though I’m a bit afraid that we too will end up spending way too many vacations in Finland once we have moved out, but sometimes you just need that. Maybe the Lappish mountains have to do this year, but they are gorgeous too – a hill with over 1 km of height can be called a mountain right? 🙂

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    1. Yeah, indeed! Finland and Lapland are no bad options at all! It is just the thing of having so many other places in the world to see too! 😀 But the arctic sea is something new to both of us and the fells up there too.

      P.S. A hill of a kilometre is most definitely a mountain! At least if it is the only hope for Finland to have a mountain! 😀


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