The Gadget Part of Running

Running; what a marvelous excuse for gadgets.

So, I have been largely on the resting side of this HalfMarathon project, thanks to a irritatingly persistent flu. A small panic with the deadline creeping closer and closer is apparent. But instead of despair, I have resulted into collecting some external motivation: gadgets.

As our shoes are pretty much where they should be; muddy and wet under a radiator, there is not much gadgets needed on the foot sector of life. Instead I turned into the blingy world of activity trackers and smart watches.

After some research I decided to get something that is not completely a smart watch, but not really an activity tracker either.  The choice was made largely because it was Finnish (what a patriot I am) and because I have used the same brand before. It is the Polar A360, Fitness Tracker, as they call it. It turned out to be a real bitch of a watch.

To enjoy the full benefits of the said gadget you will first need a profile in the Polar Flow site.  Enter all your private details of how old you really are, how much fat you have collected during your lifetime and just how much time you spend sitting on your ever widening bottom during the days. Then they give you an activity profile. Which is horribly honest and will make every couch potato hate themselves.

The main reason for me to buy this thing was of course the revival of my running training. More specifically this half marathon thingy. Consequently I inserted my goal to the Polar Flow as well. With horrifying results. The thing made me a program that should whip me into half marathon shape in mere 99 days. Provided of course that I follow it with massive amounts of motivation and don’t have a flu. There are workouts for almost everyday and clear guidance for stretching and strength training. I guess it is not all bad.

This thing keeps also track on your daily activity levels. It measures your pulse straight from the wrist so no extra chest band needed.  The thing buzzes whenever you are in danger of sitting still for too long. In my case that causes the buzz-victim to walk to the coffee machine to get some more coffee. Sorry Waffle.

After each day it gives a report on how the day was and whether I have been a good girl or not and how my overall health has been affected. Somehow it feels like there is my mother hanging around my wrist. This one luckily also gives positive feedback…

A week into owning this wrist-mother, and I am already behind schedule; but oh well.


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