From Brand New Sneakers to a Half Marathon

Yeah, so. There was this evening, some alcohol and one pretty persuasive, determined and stubborn colleague. The end result is, that Waffle went and promised that he would partake in a run of 20 kilometres in the coming May 2017. I got attached to that promise as well. Oh dear.

As the following day came Waffle slowly realized the full dimensions of his promise. He kept repeating how he absolutely hated running. He hates it. Truly. But as he is stubborn and a man, he could not let go of the challenge.

We really started off at the level zero. Which meant buying shoes. At first we did a silly buy by going to a Sports Direct and buying a pair of low cost Salomon trail running shoes. The rationale behind it being, that Waffle hated running, so no point in putting too much money into something that is going to be forgotten after May. That resulted into painful experience, with blisters and sore muscles.

The lucky thing is that we happen to live close to a heaven. At least it is a heaven for runners, called Runners’ lab. Waffle wisely wanted to get his foot gear in order  so we paid them a visit.

First impression as you walk in, might be disappointment. There is not a single shoe on the store shelves. To get to the goodies you need to go through an evaluation. They tickle your toes, make you run and take films and pictures from top and bottom and analyze the rotations, pressures and directions of your feet.

So Waffle jogged and I wobbled back and forth on a short piece of track with sensors and cameras. Waffle had weird feet that look flat but in reality are not. I am perfectly neutral but had been running on too soft shoes. After the analysis we got a mountain of trainers to try on. They made us run then again with the shoes on.  Taking the lines and pressures again. Finally we both walked out of the store with two pairs, one for trail running and one for roads. Bit poorer but definitely more happy.

As soon as the gear was sorted the kilometers started to go by more easily. My problem has always been shin splints, but the less soft shoe from Asics seems to have taken that issue away. Waffle has no more blisters and he can run further and faster. Further and faster than I can. Which is great, says the positive side of me, horrible and unfair says the dark, competitive devil in me.  Waffle now gets up to 6 kilometres at the speed of 10 km/h, which is amazing for a beginner. I am still barely able to get to 5 kilometres at 8 – 9 km/h, plus an irritating flu is keeping me off of running, pffft.

Well, this is our starting point for the goal of half a marathon. I’ll be reporting on our progress somewhat regularly, you are welcome to tag along, share your experiences on this kind of craziness and maybe get inspired a little.



4 thoughts on “From Brand New Sneakers to a Half Marathon

  1. keep us posted :)). I actually did the same promise a few days ago. 21 km in Apuseni mountains from Romania. Hopefully, with a bit of (serious) training we shall take this to a glorious end! Good luck!

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    1. Oh hello to Romania! Your mountains are great! 🙂 Good to hear, there are others like us out there. I wish you good luck also with training and completing the challenge 🙂 Let’s keep the spirits high!

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