The Joys and Sorrows of Commuting

A joy of commuting!? I hear some of you wonder. Very often you hear only complaining in regards of morning rush hour, evening peak hour and all the incredibly dumb people that block your way. Commuting is not often considered a fun event.

Belgium is probably one of the heaviest commuter countries, and it shows. There is no road that didn’t jam. Since I started working I have been adding to that mass of morning grumpy people, who have been forced out of their beds and shoveled into all sorts of moving boxes.

Although, sometimes I fail to see the full horror of the situation. First of all, I love the sunrises I have been spotting while the train passes by countryside. There has been some rather chilly mornings, with dense mist laying around. The duvet of fog has been lit golden by the morning sun, and the sceneries are just breathtaking. One day there was a lady, walking on a field, followed by a massive herd of sheep, probably begging for food. Too bad I don’t go to work with the camera…

Cows, Montenegro, Mountains

Sometimes your traffic jam looks a little different.

Those are the small pretty things I would like to be able to notice more. Or those moments might of course be made pretty by my slowly waking brain, that has not yet accepted the reality that I am already headed for work.

And even though commuting a long distance takes a looooot of time, it is not necessarily completely wasted time. As many of us, I too, read, knit and think about cures for cancer and solutions for world hunger. Also, it is somehow possible to view it as quality time with your partner, if he happens to be on the same moving box. At least he can’t run away from the difficult topics, like what to have for dinner this evening, or does he like my mother. Be careful not to spook your spouse so bad they run off of the road!

Of course there is the line when the joy of commuting turns into sorrow. Usually at the spot, when the train or tram or other box of choosing is stuffed with way too many people and your cheek is comfortably pressed against someones armpit or the window someone had just been licking. Or when the standstill on the highway grows longer than 45 minutes and 22 seconds.

The approaching winter or course adds to this misery. Soon my beautiful moments with the rising sun are over, because I am on the road before the beloved fireball comes around. That is genuinely depressing.  Also the Brussels metro which is also something I sometimes enjoy from. I really hate it. Most of the time it is just packed full. And sometimes it is packed full with strange people, who, for instance, lick the poles.

But all in all, there are also more horrible things to do, than get stuck in the jams, that’s what I think at least. How about you? How do you feel of commuting, is it terror or time to read your newspaper in peace and quiet?




7 thoughts on “The Joys and Sorrows of Commuting

  1. It sounds quite cool that you are working at the EU! I hope you are liking the new job. And nice attitude towards the time that people usually doom as lost because of commuting every day.

    My normal commuting back home on a bicycle is an effective morning exercise as I’m always late and there are some hills on the way (and then I arrive all sweaty at the lectures), but relaxing and nice on the way back in the afternoon, when there is no need to rush (except that the hills are still there). Now someone stole my bike so the commuting will be even more relaxed on foot. I also probably wouldn’t mind sitting in a car, because that time could be utilized somehow and it would be tranquil still… At least if I didn’t have to drive. But long rides in a packed bus or train or metro with the pole-lickers every day… No thanks. 😀

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  2. EU is being great so far! Thank you for asking, feels like I might have found my spot. 🙂

    And cycling to work, that is wonderful! I did it too in Finland, and somehow the days starts so much fresher (At least on the psychological side, lets not go into the sweatiness) if you have a bit of exercise first. Though the hills should go do naughty things with themselves if you ask me! 🙂

    Pity your bike got stolen… Hope you don´t have to wake up all silly hours in the morning to get to work on foot now?


  3. I’m lucky in the sense that I’ve always been able to walk to work. The longest “commute” has been an hour each way but nowadays I work only about a 20 minute walk from home so it’s nice and short and I get some if not fresh, at least outside air! :-).

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