Happy Days of the Fading Summer

The time I can spend with the books at the river, its buoys and ducks and docs has been drastically reduced. It apparently is something that frequently happens around September. I am talking about the starting school season of course.

And so, I have too, returned to school. I decided to take the advancing course in Dutch and it is going on since the start of this week. There I have been, sitting in a class room of 22 students, instead of spending my time getting pleasantly bored by the side of the Scheldt. I am not complaining. I get to see my friends every day, meet new people and so forth.

It has been an interesting start for the course. Well, technically, I am having two courses, one for verbal communication and hearing exercises and the other one for reading and writing. There are only some of the people from the spring left and quite some new faces. I am struggling a bit with my packaged arm since I haven’t yet learned to write with my left. Plus I am not allowed to drive, so by bus I go and notes are made on a tablet, that Waffle has so generously allowed me to use.

These courses is moving a lot slower that the previous ones, which is as it should be, I was on the extra intensive one during the spring, and this is just the normal paced one. I have a lot of time to get bored. The teacher has the habit of asking a lot of input from us students. She wants to know out interests and the thing that make us very happy. And now we have to hold a diary over happiness causing things. It feels like we a bunch of clinically depressed people in therapy, not so much learning a language.

The teacher has made us to first think of the dates for the happiest moments in our lives (a lot of childbirths, wedding days etc. then there is this one idiot who mentions the date of getting her first horse…), and now we have a task of keeping a geluksdagboek ( lovely word isn’t it) which translates to happiness diary. So we have to write down three things each day, that make us happy. Which actually is rather nice, I don’t feel at all like being clinically depressed person in treatment, I feel like I have to find a pair of rose colored glasses to put on my nose and start searching all those tiny details, that make me happy. For me, that does not cause much trouble. I am a very joyous idiot.

Now I also have a very very great thing to be actually extremely happy about. Remember the pain and sweat I went through while writing and application letter in Finnish? Well, all that has payed off! I have a new job now, starting from October / November. I could not be happier! Although I do have a stomach bug and it is trying hard to get my mood down…

So, the three happy things from today:

1 I have a new job.

2 Waffle is almost home and we can start the weekend!

3 The foam in my bubble bath was extra firm this time.

Which are your daily happy things for today?


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