My Favorite Corners in the World – So Far

I am now rather useless with my right hand being all packaged up. I can read, write, make a cold lunch and wonder around endlessly. Time does not go especially fast when you spend it like that. It rather lingers and pokes weird areas in you brain.  Today I was reading a book (Katja Kettu, Surujenkerääjä) side by the Scheldt that runs by Rupelmonde. Funny that river, you can see the time passing as the docs screech and whine with the tide pushing them up or down. There is also this a yellow buoy that bounces and turns with the currents. I don’t know, somehow it catches my eye every now and then. It has the ability to make my mind wonder, so I let it wonder, and let you suffer the consequences.

Today, I was thinking all the places I have seen so far, all the places that have left memories behind. So here you have it, the travel destinations I would not mind returning to, maybe they are part of your journey too, or will enter it somewhere in the future.

Finland, that sometimes cold and dark corner on the edge of the world came to my mind first. Probably for obvious reasons; my roots are there and a big part of my heart is there. I like the mentality of the Finns, I like the food, love the nature and miss the sauna. As well as the sense of peace and serenity. The “Lake district” is, to me, dear above all others.

One place I have feelings for (sorry Waffle) is the northern France. There is our favorite buggy beach. A third home for us, in some ways. There I have done quite some learning and had some of the happiest moments in a good while. There is of course more to northern France than Les Hemmes. I am very fond of the nature and the landscape of the area, it has a flow to it. It calms me down and the waving fields of grain makes me feel like home. The white cliffs are there and you can see England with a bit of luck, I like it. Normandy is great too! And as we are talking about France, there are the Vosges, containing the first ever mountain I climbed on the Christmas day, 2014. As well as plenty of wild blueberries in the late summer!

Mm, speaking of England, well, Great Britain. Which part of the island do I like best? That is a tough call. The first encounter of its wonders we had in the Lake District, with fairy tale valleys and soft hills, and views to the sea. Scotland, of course Scotland. It is just a magical place with the lochs and mountains. More touristic though. And the latest conquest, being a small part of Wales. The best thing about Wales is the fact that it is so compact, you know. Right next to mountains you have the seaside. Wild ponies were a definite bonus.

The place that left the strongest memories was probably Mt. Olympus in Greece. The hike up Olympus was probably the heaviest I have done so far. We were in a bit of a tight squeeze with time, so we hiked the whole mountain up (almost) and came down the half way. That process caused quite some pain, my heart was complaining and Waffles hair was full of icicles. The following morning brought us the most beautiful sunrise with clouds beneath our feet as well as the best breakfast ever, partially because we were hungry as wolves. The suffering and the amazing reward after it just got stuck to our heads, and it is now turning more and more golden!

Can’t leave without mentioning Montenegro. That country, with is mountains, gorges, people and culture just blew our minds. It really is a pearl, still a little bit hidden from mass tourism. And it just is magnificently beautiful. Go there.

I think that is enough? So maybe something about the future plans. The first thing we are going to do, is to travel to Romanian mountains in a few weeks. We found ridiculously cheap tickets with Ryanair, from Weeze to Timisoara, bit more than 12 euros for the two of us, there and back. I love living in Belgium. By the way, if you have already been there, we are very happy to hear your tips and suggestions on where to go and what to see!


Which places have left their mark on you? Where would you love to return, or the opposite, where would you not go to ever again?


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Corners in the World – So Far

  1. 12 euros!!! I thought that the super cheap times of Ryanair were over, but I guess not! Romania sounds exciting, I bet there are some stunning nature with mountains too. I haven’t been there but my friend has and she loved it.

    My answer to the question is predictable: I would and will definitely go back to Portugal! Well maybe Nicaragua too. And Czech Republic and Spain. I think Brazil is also stealing a piece of my heart at the moment. Ah, too tough choices.


    1. Yes! 12 euros, 3 euros per ticket 😀 Sometimes they still seem to make those super cheap campaigns, but that indeed is by far the cheapest I have seen from Ryanair.

      It is indeed tough to choose the very best ones. Now on the later look, I think Sardinia deserves to be there too for me, but yeah, maybe next time 🙂

      Somehow an odd mix from you, all these warm and exotic destinations, and then Czech Republic, land of beer and ice hockey 😀 But nice selection nevertheless!


      1. That’s good to know, gotta start watching once I get back home and develop a travel fever again.

        Hehe, to me Czech Republic is also a land of love and mountains and cute villages. But I know I have a more special relationship with that part of the world than most people do, since I did Erasmus there (and by chance, so did the Portuguese guy I married afterwards)!

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      2. It is a pity, Ryan doesn’t have too many connections for Finland anymore.. :/

        Ooh, such lovely things and memories you have for Czech! 😀 I think I visited it during ice hockey championship games, so that’s why my views might be a little tampered. But we do plan to go there again, maybe Brno! 🙂


      3. I would recommend Bohemian Switzerland, Snezka the mountain, Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov, well Prague ofc… There’s a lot to see! 🙂 Or the mighty Tatras on the Slovakian side ❤

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      4. Thanks Johanna, Prague I have already visited, and that was indeed very pleasant experience! Tatra mountains are something what we have been eyeing too! 🙂 When does your quest in Brazil end btw? 🙂

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  2. 12 euros!!! And here i was feeling smug with our 20€ roundtrip to Berlin – I need to go digging around the site again!
    There are so many places i would love to return to, but i’m also greedy and want to see so much more new places too! (if only I had the appropriate amount of vacation days at work hmmm). If I had to pick one I guess it would be Japan: I already returned once and I can’t imagine never going back to that wonderful country again. Paris also ranks high, I’ve been there about a dozen times and still not tired of it.

    I used to think I would not go back to India, but earlier this year I had the chance to go to a friend’s wedding there and it was such a different experience being with locals, so much more enjoyable than my first time there. So never say never 🙂 every revisit is a different experience adding more flavour to the memory of a place.

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    1. Waffle has a magical ability to find super cheap tickets, I don’t know how he does it, but I am happy he does! 😀

      Oh, places, the more you see them, the more you love them, it gets eventually very difficult to find the favorites 😉

      Never say never, that is a very good life lesson, we should never get our minds set too tightly to the opinions we have.


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