Romania – To Retezat

Romania, gangsters, beggars and poverty? More like wild nature, mountains and wonderful experiences!

A Cacophony in Dutch

We had an abnormally social weekend with parties. Now my brain is a wreckage and Romania is calling. How did your week start off?

An Anniversary and Random Thoughts

First of all, before getting into mumbling over the happenings of the weekend, I want to thank you guys, my readers! There are now over a hundred of you, following me! I think that is quite a bunch! I am so happy to know, that I manage to somehow entertain so many of you! I…

Happy Days of the Fading Summer

The time I can spend with the books at the river, its buoys and ducks and docs has been drastically reduced. It apparently is something that frequently happens around September. I am talking about the starting school season of course. And so, I have too, returned to school. I decided to take the advancing course…

My Favorite Corners in the World – So Far

I am now rather useless with my right hand being all packaged up. I can read, write, make a cold lunch and wonder around endlessly. Time does not go especially fast when you spend it like that. It rather lingers and pokes weird areas in you brain.  Today I was reading a book (Katja Kettu,…