Düsseldorf in a day

It had been quiet for a moment, at least as far as going to places goes. We had been home the last weekend, threw a nice BBQ evening for some friends and so forth, but that’s about it. This week was looking to be the same. Until Waffle was commanded to Germany for work. So on an early Thursday morning I was sitting next to him in the car, heading for Düsseldorf.

Waffle would be spending the day in meetings and I would be released alone to the city. I had done some research over it, just to make it a little easier to spend a whole day in the city. They had some interesting art museums and parks and of course the Rein. Some old and some ultra modern parts to the city too. I set off with a healthy curiosity.

First I wondered through one of the bigger parks, since it was on my way to the Rein. After I returned to civilization I circled a couple of rather beautiful churches and finally bumped into the shining granite wall of one of the art museums.  And walked in.

It was the museum of modern art called K20. They promised to show me a tour through the photos of Andreas Gursky and a collection from Henkell, of course the normal collections were there too. Before seeing any of the art, there is the thing of the building itself. It is dark grey granite on the outside, polished to a nice shine. Inside of it is a whole different nature, it is shining white with very soft light. It is a startling contrast.

The first collection I found were the photos of Andreas Gursky. Is theme was the modern mass consumption, under the name of not abstract. That was interesting for sure, large scale pictures of the signs our mass consumption leaves on earth. Actually a story telling collection.

A floor higher I found the permanent collections, built out of series of sculptures and paintings. Oh dear, I entered the room of the stereotype of modern art jokes. Squares. Painted in a unison color. Plus the people in front of them, sighing out of amazement. Hum. I must be rather uncivilized and dumb not to understand the meaning behind two, gray painted squares on canvases, but I just don’t see anything in them. Sorry.  Otherwise it is a museum worth visiting. They have some of Picasso’s works and at least for me Max Ernst was a pleasant new acquaintance.

After the museum, I started to get a little peckish. I just needed to find some cash to follow that ambition. That meant me running all over the place, looking for an ATM that would accept my card. Finally I had cash and a restaurant to sit in. I ordered a white beer, which made me feel a little sinful. Sitting there with the half liter glass of pale yellow beer. The beer was followed by the worst wok I have ever eaten.

As for the rest of the city. It breathes the German efficiency. Wide streets and straight angles. Even in the older part of town. The Rein offers a bit of softness to it, with its corners. Over all, the city seems to offer enough things to see and do for a day. Much longer time would be difficult to spend there. It is not a breathtaking experience, but a nice pit stop and apparently has rather nice shopping opportunities!

We returned with one of the Waffles colleagues, both rather tired. Now looking for the weekend. Rupelmonde is hosting a small street party and then there is of course Lokerse feesten, which might need us to pop by.



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