The Trails of Our Boots

I think most of you have noticed that we take a lot a footsies. Pictures of our shoes in places where we hike.

Many people have wondered why we do that. Well, honestly we don’t know. Partially maybe because we do not like taking selfies. Footsies are somewhat a result of that. Boots were also a big part of the moment when we first came together. In Karhunkierros we noticed that we were wearing the same model from the same brand. Probably the first words I spoke to him were “Hey, nice boots!”

Well, there are quite some of the footsies already. I think it is time to share a timeline of our hiking boots, beginning from Karhunkierros, June 2014.

Boots, Hanwag, Karhunkierros
My boots on their very first long hike. In the last kilometers of Karhunkierros, muddy and protecting a pair of very very tired feet. Waffle was nowhere to be seen here… 
Boots, Doc, lake
September 2014. This might have been the first hiking boot footsie we took together. Karhunkierros was in the past, Facebook had delivered thousands and thousands of messages, causing Waffle to return to Finland. So here we were, hiking through the Seitseminen National Park, close to Tampere. How to make a hiking boot look nice and tiny? Put a bigger one next to it.
Cap Gris Nez, Hiking boots, France
Came December, 2014. I was in Belgium for the very first time and we were planning on a road trip. First we had a little bit of exploring to do in the northern coast of France. Behind us here, is the Cap Gris-Nez. That was an exciting time in my life. I had resigned from my job and soon to be homeless. I had just seen my future home for the first time. Also I had this Waffle, a completely new person I would have to start learning to know better.
Hanwag, Sand, Beach
Ahem. If your boots ever look like this, clean them immediately. Salty sand is a no no. February 2015. I had just found my place in my new home. This was a sunny Sunday and we were visiting Waffles Favorite sandbox, Les Hemmes. It was no wind for buggying, instead we walked across the whole beach, along the sand bank and to the seals. a beautiful day it was. I was excited back then. Is my life gonna be like this from now on? Full of sunshine, nature and the best boyfriend in the world?
April 2015. We went to Normandy for a long weekend, unplanned and by surprise. We found such beautiful places. A beach I fell in love with and all things made out of goats milk. This trip we almost froze into our sleeping bags and were envious of cows.

May 2015. The first of May came and we went to see our friends in Germany. First we fed ourselves to an alpaca, as you should, when you got to Germany. Our boots took us through a few kilometers of German heather. We stayed in a hay hotel, which was amazingly comfortable. Crossing the country of Luxembourg followed this trip.

Garbh-bheinn, Isle of Skye, climbing
Hey June 2015! After a busy May we took our car and drove across the whole UK. That was an amazing road trip. Made us permanently in love with the islands of Great Britain and taught us many things about how to keep a relationship going strong. You have to, if you are locked up in the same vehicle for three weeks with your better half.  Here we are on the peak of Garbh-bheinn, looking down on the world with the Armenians. The boots had just taken us up a climb of 1200 meters in total, with no trail. We got visited by a raven and our legs felt shaky. That ridge we took down from there back to the sea.
Vosges, Hanwag, Hiking
August 2015. Hautes Vosges in France. That was such an amazing trip. We stayed at the free cabins the are is littered with and crawled up and down the mountains. There were bilberries there as much as we could eat, and cow herds all around the fields. This is a place where I am always happy to return. We had one of our first hikes here too, during our first Christmas road trip. It has a special place in my memory. 
Mt. Olympus, Greece, Hiking
October 2015. Greece. We flew there for a weekend. That was a very very hectic two days. We quickly run up and down the Olympus and then went to Chalkidiki. Here we are on the return journey. Coming down the side of the frozen mountain. Completely soaked and definitely in pain, but relatively happy, both of us. I think this was also one of those places, where our relationship grew stronger. Even if we were in pain, we still keep supporting each other and keep moving on. I love that about us.
Pyrenees, France, Hiking
December 2015. A Christmas road trip as tradition dictates. This time we were in the south of France. And a little bit in Spain too. This picture is from the Pyrenees, close to the Spanish border. It was warmer than ever recorded and we camped out. We had beautiful hikes in the snowy mountains, bathed in a wild hot spring and loved the history and the tiny French mountain villages.
Wales, Hiking, The Black Mountain
May 2016. Oh my god, there is a horrible cap in footsies between December 2015 and this May. This must never happen again! This May we had the lovely opportunity to get to know Wales. What a wonderful place! Yet another reason for us to always return to UK. We still have a few pages unturned in that corner of the world!

Hanwag, Hiking, France

The Grande Finale. Our latest trip to France and hiking the GR120. This was the spot where we took the first French footsie together. This might well be the last footsie we take of Waffles current boots. They are old and in a need of replacement. Quite some kilometers we have walked in these shoes, side by side.

I have the tendency of getting emotionally attached to things. And if you hike a lot, good boots are one of your most important companions. Right after Waffle I would say. These shoes have served well. After all these kilometers I am only a few blisters richer!


2 thoughts on “The Trails of Our Boots

  1. I am often taking pictures of my shoes in random places as well. Not hiking boots usually though. I love how you used your shoe photos in this post to tell your story from a new perspective!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to hear from other people who are picturing shoes as well. Sometimes we get long looks doing that! 🙂 Glad you liked the story too. I thought it was time, since on pair of those boots is soon going to leave us…

      Liked by 1 person

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