Notions from along the week


  • Never plan more than 4 things for a Saturday. Otherwise you’ll end up crossing the whole Belgium, twice. On the plus side, you’ll meet Louis Theroux.


  • Never leave map buying till the last evening. Otherwise you’ll end up cycling to Antwerp twice. Once for nothing. It is good training though.


  • A big plus of living in a small town is, that you might end up having cows in your backyard!


  • Accidentally eating a bug full of pollen is far less unpleasant than one might think. Don’t make it a hobby though.


  • Where ever you go, always remember to take the good weather with you.


  • When pouring coffee, remember to place a cup underneath the pan first.


  • I think I got a hunch on how to actually, correctly pronounce the Dutch “ch” and “g”. Maybe.

I am now off to Wales. We finally got the maps, 2 hours before we actually need to drive for Calais. I hope you all are going to make the most out of the weekend. See you soon! 


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