Nederlands leren

It finally happened. One day I walked into a small office of Huis van het Nederlands and signed up for an intensive course of Dutch. My first week on that course is now over. I go to school for 4 mornings a week for a few hours. That has been keeping me busy for a moment now.

It has been a while since I last studied anything, 3 years or so. And I must admit, I was a little bit nervous about going to sit in a class room again and learn. Also, in a Finnish fashion, the thing of meeting a bunch of new people was something to be vary about.

Last Monday was the start for a cold and rainy week. At nine in the morning I walked into a class room with 13 others. People from all over the globe, with very different backgrounds. There were Syrians, a girl from Venezuela, lady from Indonesia and another girl from Belarus. And a teacher, refusing to speak anything else but Dutch to the students. Which is wonderful. Since then, some have left our company, and some new people have emerged.

We have all been struggling with the wonders of the Dutch pronunciation of the letters g- and ch, long or short vowels and so forth.  For me the most difficult part of learning a new language, is that you have your adult brain, and your adult thinking, well more or less, but you still have the language skills of a 3 year old and the vocabulary of a parrot. With that kind of setting, it is challenging to switch your thinking into line with speaking in first person and the present tense.

Well, anyways, I have now mastered 9 question-answer pairs in total and can repeat them, again, bit like a parrot. And that has happened in a week. I am kinda little bit proud of myself. Waffle is soon going to face the horror of listening my terrifying Dutch accent. And maybe even open a first line of conversation with his dad, which is wonderful!

What do you guys think about learning languages? Is it a nice hobby? Necessary evil or something else?



2 thoughts on “Nederlands leren

  1. I have, once again, restarted to study Italian, mainly through FutureLearn who over free short online courses. I think I’m ok with the basic grammar (no complicated sentence structures!) but my vocabulary is still not great and when I try to say something in that beautiful, beautiful language, my brain freezes! But my logic is that every phrase and every new word learnt is improvement so “buon lavoro” to me! 🙂

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  2. Good luck with your studies! I know that brain freezing feeling too! Especially, if you have to try and talk outside the safety of the class room to the real speakers of the language! 🙂 But just soldier on, the language will get better and better 🙂 And the learning process is a lot of fun!


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