Finding your better half while hiking

I was just thinking, how common it is nowadays to find your boyfriends, girlfriends and everything related online. Tinder and such things can be found from the phones of just about every single person. Nothing wrong with that of course. It is easy, fast and convenient. Rather more so, than merging yourself into a forest for a week with uncertainty even to meet anyone.

I guess, the point is, that you are not looking for anyone. You are just there, doing the thing you love, relaxed and in solitude. If you happen to meet someone, that someone most likely is crazy in a similar fashion as you are. Loving nature, loving hiking and so forth. While hiking, you don’t need to decide whether you like the person’s face enough to wipe into any direction, you just see if you like their company enough to share a campfire. You don’t need to go through any CV or story they have typed up into their profile and guess how desperate they are at finding someone to share a piece of life with them. There, on the trail, they probably are not looking anything like a relationship.

How the hell do you manage that then? Finding a soulmate from a hike? Well. Accidentally. That is pretty much the only way anything like that can happen, since nobody is really looking for relationships. Well, some of us might be, I guess, that is very fine too! On the trail you share your camp fire, your food and experiences with these perfect strangers, that often also smell heavily and are dirty. But that doesn’t matter, since so are you. All of you are probably also in pain, and tired as ever, so there is endless amounts of things to talk about. And mosquitoes. Also, if you happen to catch someone from the campfire, there will never ever be a moment of insecurity about your looks in front of that person. They have definitely seen the worst of you!

If you happen to find the hiker of your dreams, whose feet wont knock you out from the distance of 15 meters, you are very lucky, and should be absolutely happy about it. At least you will have rather a unique story to tell, a common hobby and loads more hiking gear once you combine your forces. Not something every Tinder love story has.

That is just about something that happened to me and Waffle there, in the Finnish forest. He running after me, to bring me back my mug I had forgotten, his inappropriate conversation starters and goofy mind. So far, I have been loving every step since with him.

All the photos from along the way are here.


4 thoughts on “Finding your better half while hiking

  1. Aww, such a romantic story behind you two! We didn’t meet while hiking (nor in Tinder), but that was the very first thing we did together just the two of us and the way through which we got to know each other. Maybe there is some magic in hiking? 😉

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