An accident, a surprise, a weekend

Last Friday we were having our every now and then occurring evening walk. Nothing special about that. We have a nice small flooding area next to our village, where you often see some wild life, so we like to go there.

This evening it was as peaceful as ever, during the sunset. We were walking on the edge of the towns and villages that lines the area, as we heard some music. That were the sweet tones of Ace of spades and Blitzkrieg Bop. Covered versions of course, but well done at that. We grew curious, and started to aim towards the music. Admiring a deer and a hunting heron on the way.

We climbed on top of the dam that separates the nature area from the rest of the world and saw a tent, just at the same moment when the tones of the punk stopped. We were puzzled on what was the occasion. True to Belgian style, it was rather difficult to find any relevant information of what was happening only by googling. after a few minutes we did manage to find out that the thing actually was Deistelrock. A small festival held in Bazel every year. It was evident, that the summer of Belgian village festivals was here, once more!

We had to take part to that. As we strolled into the tent in our trainers and hiking boots we found a modest crowd of around 100 people. The stage was occupied by a band of youngsters, covering Foo Fighters, under the name of In Your Honor. Not quite exactly what we were hoping for, but at least the singer was on top of his tasks.

It didn’t take long for the stage to be taken over by punk again, surprisingly we got to enjoy the show of the Belgian punk legend, Funeral Dress. That name is known even in Finland! Our evening was wrapped up by Bizkit Park, covering you know which bands. They managed to bring the small crowd into party mode. Even dancing right in front of the stage was witnessed!

We strolled out of the festival well past midnight. Both slightly tipsy and heading for a walk of a few kilometers to get back home. That was freshingly nice surprise for our Friday evening. We had loads of fun, even though there were no masses of people, it was eventually a good party.

Saturday came with a hangover and neck pain, thanks to head banging. So it was just a perfect day to go and stare at yourself in the mirror of a fitting room. Our once a year visit to the Outlet village in Maasmechelen was upon us, and we even managed to buy normal-people-clothing, meaning clothing you wear outside of nature. Oddly enough.

This Saturday was not over without another party. A New Wave party to be exact. Something completely new and weird for me. You know, people dressed in black, with eyes lined with black, the average age around 50. And the music, something with a bass beat to it and loads of laser.

Oh, the weekend was not over yet. On Sunday we decided to treat my hangover (Waffle hadn’t got any, lucky bastard) by having a walk with Hachi, the dog. The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we headed for the polder lands. Walking at the edges of the canals that run through the fields. We even managed to spot turtles in one of the streams. Apparently someone has released their pet turtle, or few, and now they are living wild in the nature, killing all the fish. After 15 kilometers of hangoverish wobbling I was tired as ever. Happy too though.

Rather a nice weekend again, even though we only stayed more or less at home. This was a good collection of some of the reasons why I like living in Belgium. You can perfectly stumble on a festival by accident, since they are happening during summer time in every single village. And right around the corner you find peaceful countryside where you can take your hangover to freshen up. Place like this is not a bad one to be. Now starts the preparations for my parents’ visit. They’ll be coming over on Saturday.

Oh deary me.


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