Brussels attacks and terror

Brussels was under attack today as bombs were exploding in the airport and in the metro. Hopefully not too many of that kind are to come anymore. This is such a shock. Right after Abdeslam was caught, this happens. While maybe some hope for the terrorist attacks to be over was arising, thanks to the arrest. People are scared and angry, understandably.

I can spare very little understanding to these people, who feel it is their right to draw innocent lives into their agenda of rising terror. I do know, the reasons behind this are far from black and white, but no reason should allow anyone to killing people blindly and at random, driving a nation into such a crisis.

Over here, where I am sitting, Brussels is luckily rather distant, there is no chaos or panic, but devastation is still very present. For me, coming from a very peaceful country, this attack and the earlier ones from last year, are something incomprehensible. Before, terrorism to me was something distant. It was an abstract word, describing something not too significant. I have changed in that matter. Terror has become something very apparent, concrete and real.

These attacks today resulted into over 20 lives being lost. Over 20 worlds stopped existing. There are bigger catastrophes in this world, I don’t deny that. The Brussels and Paris events just come so very close to me, and to seemingly so peaceful Europe. These lives lost in vain by an ideology that should not have a any place in Europe, nor anywhere else in the world. An ideology that gives permission to kill the way these bombings and shootings kill, is evil. There is no way around that.

I don’t know where Europe is going to end up. Is the terror going to end, and if, when? Are we going to see another world war? I don’t think anyone can want that. I think  it is now more important than ever, that we do not give in to fear. All of us people, loving one another should stand into supporting one another and not leave room for fear. The side of people, who see these attacks justified, for whatever cause, ideology or motivation. We will have to show them that bombs are not going to cut our spirits down.

See people as people. Not judged by their culture, ethnicity or religion, that might lead us finally to peace.

All of you who lost a loved one today, have hope, have strength.


2 thoughts on “Brussels attacks and terror

  1. Tämä oli kyllä niin kamala juttu, mitä seurasin Portugalissa ollessa telkkarista. Vaikka ei tunneta niin tulitte heti mieleen, kun siellä Belgiassa asustatte. Toivottavasti fiilikset on jo paremmat!


    1. Kiitos Johanna! Kyllahan tuo elaman pysayttaa hetkeksi ihan seinaan. Naitten hyokkaysten uhrit on kuitenkin taysin viattomia sivullisia. Meilla ei onneks ollut hengenhataa, kun ei tyoskennella eika asuta ihan Brysselissa.. Elama siis jatkuu, koko Belgiakin alkaa taas hiljalleen siirtya normaaliarkeen.

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