Faith in Humanity – Restored

We were wandering around our neighborhood the other day, when we innocently came by a sign saying that a road is closed. That kind of a sign over here in Belgium is not that significant, roads tend to get closed. It is easier to deal with the issues that way, rather than preparing a damaged pathway.

This time, the reason was not quite as mundane. This particular road was closed for frogs. They did not want cars to drive on the road, because it happened to be the migration route for frogs! How insanely lovely is that? That we people, consider, for once, that the lives of such seemingly insignificant creatures as frogs, are more important than, our own fat bottomed easiness of transport.

Things like these make me happy, make me think, that there still might be some hope left for us, the planet and all the other species. But then again, we need so much more of this kind of understanding. People should start to understand, that we are all part of the big chain of ecological links. A frog might not seem like much, but it still has its part to play in the food chain, in the ecological window it happens to bee sitting in, and through that, in a much much larger picture.

Well, that turned into preaching, sorry about that.




2 thoughts on “Faith in Humanity – Restored

    1. You are welcome Nomadi! 🙂 There is quite a contrast from that day to the Belgium today. But small joys in life, even in the times of sorrow are usually the most important ones!


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