Longing for things is the sign of spring

It is the same thing every spring, when the sun comes out and the world wakes up around me. Still I do not have any skills to defend myself from it. Well, I don’t know if I should even try.

When the winter is slowly tilting towards spring, it starts. I get ideas and start to suddenly need things. That moment is always a prioritizing exercise, since I am longing for abundance of things at the same time. The nut cracking of whether have a horse, a dog, a new career or a home country is always so difficult.

This year is no different. I have started to want to see some changes happening in this life of mine. I have started to long for more meaningful career. This thing that I do, brainlessly staring at a screen and forwarding documents from a person to another, it just ain’t satisfying. This time the longing lottery hits the point of “Refresh professional life”.

That is what I want.  The thing is, that I feel like I made the wrong career choice back in the mature age of 18. I chose to study business, even though it does not give me any special tingle or make me feel passionate about it. What I should have done, was to try and try again to get into university, to study psychology. Social phenomena and the mental side behind them.

So that is it then. Goal for this year is to study a bit of Dutch and then hop into a degree program in psychology. One longing down. Quite some to go.



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