Sudden shifts, hale at the beach

So, there we were, or would have been, laying on the beach, me and Waffle with watermelon named Marty, as the heavy clouds rolled up from the sea. Lightnings crossing the black gloomy mass, up and down as it swallowed the sun.

As soon as the clouds hit the higher ground, hail started pounding the sand on the beach. Big hails, like golf balls. As we wrapped towels around our heads to protect ourselves from the ice balls falling, Marty got hit. He bursted, spraying his insides all over the beach. Our dear Marty, we could not help him anymore.

We reached the hut with only minor damage and a few bruises. Out came the computer and Google maps. We needed to get away from this hailstorm that was not planning on going away. The hut shook and moaned under the heavy drumming of hail and thunder.

On the map there stood a mountain, not so far away. The slippers were swiftly changed into hiking boots. Our stay at the beach turned into a mountain hike. Nothing is greater than watch a good storm from on top of the world, watching the lightnings battle beneath your feet.

And off goes the alarm, pulling you back into a wet and miserable Monday. I blame the Daily Prompt for this… Sudden Shift


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