My Brain is Loose

Do you guys sometimes have those moments, when you are not entirely in control of your brain?

You are slightly, but not too badly, bored. Did not sleep too well the other night, and your eyes are just staring blindly somewhere? The moments, when, if you are faced with a question, you will have to repeat “Sorry, what did you say?” at least twice. And still you answer “toothpaste cake”.

I have this silly idea of having small trolls running our brains. Trolls that control the library of your mind. When you are bored, they start sorting out stuff. Going through the memories of your last holiday. Getting out the gravings for food you want to shovel into your mouth after you get home from work. (Yes, I am “working” at this very moment). And pulling out that old photo book of you in your diapers, drawn full off lines with a permanent marker, by your big brother. And the ever so important piece of knowledge that it is impossible to sneeze your eyes open.

Today, I think I have saved the human kind from the endless misery we are in. We should simply just all have an animal, doesn’t matter what kind of an animal, but an animal, as a companion. So that we could pet someone, when ever we feel stressed. Instead of eating cows and pigs and whatever people tend to munch on, we should have pets. Cows, they really are amazing personalities. Let alone pigs or chicken.

Somewhere from the dust appeared also a note, saying that it is time to stop searching. Searching what? Well, for the perfect companion in life and crime. I noticed, that I have just found one, a year or so ago. I suddenly felt rather free. Not that I had been searching anymore for a long time, but still. The note telling me that just came a bit late. It is a funny feeling to wake up and notice, that hey, I have that guy there, right by my side. He is just as perfect as he needs to be. So shut up and love him! My Trolls have now tucked away all the information related to hunting down the perfect guy. I hope it can stay there, collecting dust for a looong time.

One of the Trolls seem to have found the pot of endless thought. The nerve cells that think you should be a quantum physicist of a philosopher, they are shoved in there. For a good reason. I was wondering, how we are trapped in time. We can’t really move in that dimension. Not the way we can in space. Past is behind us, and we cant physically reach it anymore. We can travel there in our imagination and memories, but not turn around on our heels and walk back to yesterday. Unfair, is it not? Nor can we reach the future, just by walking faster. We can imagine and plan, but not go ahead of time. And we can’t stop it, no matter how much we try. Frustrating if you think about it. You are trapped into the essence of now. No matter what you do. Lets not even go towards string theories and all that… Which is, by the way, extremely interesting, if you think about it!

I wish my head would sometimes produce something sensible, or useful. You know, like aid me in learning a language or help me develop a time saving method of doing this job I do, day in day out. Maybe some day.

Sorry about this burst. I did not apply too much critique into publishing it. It is just blabber. See also Boredom. 


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