Hiking in Hotton

Our hiking season of this year has been opened. We explored yet another region of Belgium, being the beautiful Hotton!

Finland – Once more

I missed winter so bad I had to go to Finland to hunt down some snow, friends and family.

Sudden shifts, hale at the beach

So, there we were, or would have been, laying on the beach, me and Waffle with watermelon named Marty, as the heavy clouds rolled up from the sea. Lightnings crossing the black gloomy mass, up and down as it swallowed the sun. As soon as the clouds hit the higher ground, hail started pounding the sand…

The Carnival -Belgian style

It was a bright Sunday morning, as we had planned to rebuild buggy trailer so that it would fit all 4 of our buggies. Our newest, the Apexx, had finally entered the family. So far, it had been sitting on our living room floor, unscrewed and in pieces – Ah the fresh smell of rubber tires in the morning……

My Brain is Loose

Do you guys sometimes have those moments, when you are not entirely in control of your brain?

A Surprise in Copenhagen

My birthday was approaching and Waffle was teasing me with hints about something he had been organizing vigorously.  I was carefully guessing, that we might maybe travel somewhere, or then it might be just a bit fancier dinner. This was the payback from his birthday present, that I had teased him about for months, half a…