How scared of boredom have we become?

Boredom is considered a very bad thing in our western society nowadays. We demand to be entertained continuously. I guess people are afraid of getting sucked into a void if they do not feed some signals to their brain, non stop. Now everybody carries a source of endless irritation in their pocket. We have the option never to grow bored, to never pause, and we happily accept it!

What does that do to us as people, to our culture, to our social abilities, to our learning? Did we ever stop and consider the values of boredom?  Because, if you see past the monster it has become, and think what else boredom might be. It actually can serve as a source of ingenuity and inspiration. If, J.S. Bach, per say, would never had been bored, would we have his symphonies? If there were no idle minds laying around, how would mankind been able to develop? After all, the birth of culture happened around the same time as we invented fire, which gave us the ability to relax and enjoy free time. Think about it.

Brain, is in a way a very interesting and peculiar blob of fat. It graves for signals, impulses and activation. Modern people usually fill that need by staring and poking at screens of laptops, tablets smartphones and televisions. We basically cannot survive without them. There was a study made, where people were kept in a room for 15 minutes! without any irritation sources. Except for themselves and a devise with which you could electrocute yourself. And a majority of people preferred to shock themselves to stay occupied, rather than just be with their own thoughts. Scary. Here is the link to the study. 

If we were not scared of the void, the brain would get bored, yes, but after a while, it would start creating its own signals. Digging your forgotten memories and linking weird things together. We really should give the fat blobber some time to think. That is essentially what it is made for! I am afraid, people are getting dumber, since we do not force our brains to work through the quiet moments. Its ability to create and invent might be deteriorating, since we have reduced it from a super computer into a memory storage, big one yes, but nothing much more.

Maybe we all should take a moment. Stare at a wall and see where our thoughts bring us. Shut down our phones and laptops and get bored. Give the brains a change to do something for themselves.

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