Finland got a reason to go crazy

There has been a weird force visiting Finland just yesterday.

A force, that makes us Finns, secluded, solitude seeking and quiet people, to rush to the streets, hug people we do not know. Scream and yell, shout and laugh. It rises some of us on top of bus stops. Drives the silliest to go for a swim in a fountain in the middle of winter. There has been cases of male nudity at -23 degrees Celsius.

There is a mass movement of something, that looks like absolute madness to an innocent bystander. This is not how a self respecting Finn acts. Not even if heavily boosted by alcohol.

For this kind of show, you need something stronger than liquid. You need a victory. The thing is, that yesterday and the day before, over half of Finland has been tightly sitting in front of their televisions. Staring, and supporting a group of young boys, chasing a black block on ice.

First it was against Swedish youngsters. Finns moved the black block around the Swedes so good, that they got it shoved into the bottom of a net many times. Many times enough to win!

That victory led those boys into another game. This time on the other end of the ice field, the Russias greatest teens were awaiting. The poor block was chased and beaten again, with nervewrecking intensity! There were 7 seconds to spare, and the nets on both ends had moved as many times! Poop! Popcorn and beer had ran out from most of the sofas in front of the tellies.

Then came the miracle! The block reached the net on the Russian end one last time and a whistle was blown. Whole mess on the ice! All the boys of Finland seemed to have lost it, completely! A whole mess on the streets! All the spectators seemed to have totally lost it! A party covering the whole Finland had started, no control over anything!

This happens every time we win. Usually only ice hockey has the power to flood the streets and make people insane. Especially if we win the Swedes or the Russians. So if you want to take part of the best party ever. Go to Finland when the ice hockey world cup of adults is in the finals!

Picture taken from Finhockey. 


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