To Fan or not to Fan

Not to fan, if you are asking me.

I have never really liked the idea of being a fan.

Why should I? Why would I watch someone do sports, if I can be there doing it myself? Unless of course I am trying to learn something from them. I see no joy in sitting on the bench, at the side of a field, or on the sofa at home, munching on something. Watching other people sweat. I would be getting cold or bored, likely both. I would rather take my trainers or hiking boots and go find myself a trail to run. Or just about anything else to stay occupied.

Somehow the events usually related to fandom seem to me like an ultimate horror. To be there, in the huge crowd of yelling people, who shove you around and squeeze you tightly into one another. Brrhhh.  Something totally not for me. I seek peace and solitude, rather than unknown, and certainly unwelcome, armpit sweat to my personal space. Who exactly enjoys that?

I know there are millions of people out there, to whom being a sports fan is just about all there is to life. And the industry of sports needs that. So it is good that a crown like that does exist. In Finland, the whole country holds breath when the ice hockey season hits us. People are allowed to publicly wear silly clothing if it happens to be in the colors of their team. And grow a beard. Something called the playoff-beard. Insane amounts of time is spent watching every single game. Every single conversation on the coffee break handles ice hockey. The world outside the rink looses all meaning.

To me, all that just seems a bit silly, thank you, Daily prompt on Fandom



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