Misplaced Inconvenience

I have a bad tendency to misplace things, right at the time I would actually need them. Especially when I am moving.

The first one was when I was moving from my childhood home to my very first own flat. I had forgotten my purse. And my ID, money, bank cards, phone, everything with it. That only meant an extra circle of 200 km of driving, no biggie.

The second one was again while moving. I had rented a van to transport my stuff from one student flat to another. I went to collect the keys to  my new flat, and forgotten my phone home. Turned out, that the whole thing ended up taking a bit longer than planned. We ran late and the car rental company had tried to call. To my phone, that was not with me. We got no van and had to move all the stuff by our Citroën C4, estate. Luckily we had played our fair share of Tetris when kids.

I am also very bad with keys. One of my saddest moments of key misplacing, was the following; I stood there, in the tiny hallway of my tiny flat. I was going to the campus and was thinking through if I had all I needed with me. Books, yes. Phone and wallet, yes. Bus ticket, yes. All set and out I go. (First a quick check to make sure there is nobody in the corridor, it is Finland after all.)

I press the door closed and start to wonder how it feels so cold, the floor of the corridor. I look down and realize, that I actually forgot to put on shoes. The second realization followed quickly after. The key. It and I were separated by a locked door. Oh poop. No other options, than to call the security service to open my door. The face on that guard when she found a girl with no shoes hanging around…

Also, I was returning back to Helsinki, after visiting my parents in Savo, the middle of Finland. At this point you can probably already guess where my key for the flat in Helsinki was? It was somewhere in the pile of snow, in the garden of my parents. I was sitting in the train headed for Helsinki, 400 km away from the key. I had to call the security again, organize a new key the next day and all that. I started to really appreciate the friendliness of the student housing community and the security service!

Well, there you have it, the Daily Prompt: 10,000 Spoons


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