The matter of ruling

Superpower to change one of the laws of nature? I would probably change the very nature of humans. Go and remove greed, the constant longing mankind has to constantly acquire more and more and more. What ever it was, more of it.

That causes us to experience stress, destroy our environment, exploit the island that supports us, called the Earth. Greed pushes us to attack other nations, in order to have more, more, more. We exploit every single living thing on earth, and the earth itself. Most of the time just because of greed. We would not need factory farming, if it was not for greed. Greed makes us drill for oil, even though everyone of us knows, that we should stop. Stop before it is all too late. The things we do because of greed, well, the list is long.

How would the world look like if we managed to loose greed? If I could leave behind a healthy hunger for knowledge, willingness to help, passion to make things better and beautiful? I have a slight feeling this world would be a better place to live. Not only for mankind, but for all things living. Maybe less eyes would be desperately looking for other planets, which we could start destroying after earth is finished. Maybe there would finally be some peace around and a little bit less suffering.

These were my quick thoughts on the Daily prompt:If I Ruled the World




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