One time machine, please.

Three gadgets were offered, the good old time machine, anywhere door and an invisibility helmet. Choosing only one out of those proved rather tricky. As I love to go to places, the anywhere door seemed to be the obvious option. But then again, if you give it a thought, in the world we live in today, we can get rather easily, pretty much everywhere. And what is the destination, without the journey? If you think about hiking, for instance, massive part of the whole joy of things, is the journey there. The landscape on top of the mountain feels so much better when you did some work for it.

So no, no door to anywhere for me, thank you very much. I’ll go with the more special option. The time machine. Imagine, the mountain you climbed today. How did it look like, say, 20 000 years ago, when it was still just a baby? What kind of a landscape was it before the previous ice age? I would very much like to have a peak.

What about having a chat with one of the great minds of the past? Sit in the shadow of an olive tree with Plato? Or meet up and smoke the pipe with Sitting Bull, share a vision with Picasso? Would you go and have a look at your parents, how they were in their teens, in their childhood? See if there are any similarities to you, growing up.

Future, would that be more interesting? I would probably avoid going there. I like surprises, why read the ending of the book, when you are hardly in the end of the second chapter?

Now, where can I buy this thing?

Written in response to the Daily Prompt – Pick Your Gadget


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