Wandering away and back

Five places you say. This must be rather easy one. As a mountain addict, the first one is rather easy choice: The mighty Himalayas! The highest, most magnificent mountains there are on earth. Who would not want to be there, under the stars, looking over the whole world?

In the same general direction, there is our second destination. The Gobi desert in Mongolia. Have you ever Googled it? Well, now is the time to do that. It is the perfect mix of rocky terrain, grasslands, sand dunes, cold winters and hot summers. We have a dream of driving through it with Kite Buggies. That can be done, someone already proved it!

Hmm, third destination, I feel like this should be an island. Azores, is the answer. That pile of islands, sitting alone in the Atlantic, covered in greenery. Full of history and endemic species, not to mention volcanos!

Talking about those fire spitting mountains, we get to the forth destination. Mount Nyiragongo, the volcano, with lava lake, situated right at the border between Congo and Rwanda. I want to feel the power of such a living monstrosity. I think that Nyiragongo is one of the most fascinating volcanos we have here on earth.

And now, since we are in Africa, why not add another island into the list. We are talking about Madagascar, the pick lump of an island on the coast of Africa. I just cannot figure out reasons why not to go there. Again, endemic and unique nature, as well as culture.

Oh deary me. I have made a list, even though I strongly recommend not to make lists. So let’s talk ourselves out of this corner. These destinations are not written into stars, or stones. They are merely scriptures drawn into sand, waiting for the sea to wash them away. I might explore them all, some of them, or none at all. That is the beauty of life, which is lived spontaneously.

Written as response to the daily prompt.


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