Unplugging a bloggers brain


Unplugging your mobile, or laptop is one thing. Unplugging a brain is another.

I have a long history of holidays with total computer, mobile, social media, smoke signal, radio silence. That gives you time to think. Let’s you focus on the things at hand. You see your surroundings more clearly, get the chance to hear, feel and experience the world more strongly. You are there, in every single moment. Experiencing them truly, with no intermediates.

A week with no phone calls, Facebook, twitter, whatnot, makes wonders. It challenges you to keep your mind entertained in other ways. I see that as cleansing, detox for the mind. Line of thought is somehow more thorough and goes deeper. Everything is not about communicating your experiences to you social circle. And the feeling of being cut off from the world for a while, that is freeing. No news of yet another disaster will reach you, you are not jumping to every buzz your phone makes, reading mails, messages or postings. You are able to calm down and breathe.

That part above, that is easy. What I have noticed now, after starting this blogging thing is, that your brain needs unplugging too. And that is more difficult of a task. Mind is constantly storing things, preparing them to be written. You are enjoying something, when all of a sudden you notice, that you are making it into a blog posting, silently in a corner of your brain. I try to avoid taking notes, just to be able to live in a moment, but the brain is following its own rules.

Unplugging my brain is still something I need to learn to do better. I guess, it is about finding the inner child. Going with the flow and only afterwards thinking about what it was you managed to do. Put it then into words and out here, for people to read, that way, I feel, the story is more pure, more, me.

Blogging, whether plugged or not, never forget your camera!

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