Kite buggy session of frustration

Bwah. This was our last buggy session for this year. The weather, again, was doubtful. We were constantly threatened by rain, even though the temperature was warmer than often during summer! So there we were. Camping in a tent, in the middle of November, completely comfortably. Climate change is reality.

We had planned to buggy only on Sunday, thanks to the rain on Saturday, it is almost impossible to get the kite flying when it is raining, been there, done that, walked home. Sunday started off sunny and the wind seemed to be picking up nicely. Blowing from about southeast, over the dunes.

We got to the beach in record time, before lunch. And started spreading our kites, a few sizes, just to make sure something would get us going. The wind was rather unpredictable, as it often is in the mornings. Gusts came and went. Rolled over us, tilted the kites and collapsed them, then died away. Irritating things.

Luckily, there was another newbie too at the beach. So I was not swearing, sweating and raging all by myself. Waffle tried to get me into the buggy with a 7 meter, since the wind was low. I refused, since the wind, in my opinion, would certainly be less low after the first 5 minutes I would manage to drive. So I took my good old familiar 4 meter Panch. And failed, miserably.


I could not spot the windshield. So I did not find the direction to drive to. The wind turned and turned picked up and died completely. Leaving me stranded into a puddle of mud. I managed to tangle my bridles too, into a nice mess. The misery just kept going and going.

Angrily I drove a few stretches and stopped, exhausted, only to find Waffle coming at me, and handing over the handles for a 6 meter kite. To practice a race kite in that kind of a wind. Well, was not too happy to do that. But in the end, I am glad that he made me do it. At least to proof myself that I was able to fly it and control it, not yet to drive with it though.

That is how it is, in the beginning of any sport. You are only trying to find your way. Stumbling down, stepping up and trying again and again. It is a great feeling to experience once more!

And Waffle, thank you for being there for me.


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