If there were no coincidences

Sometimes I find myself thinking, how small coincidences lead into greater things.

Me and Waffle, to begin with, we met only by coincidence. Many things could have led us in so many different directions. He could have been in Poland during that June. I might have been there a couple of days earlier, or later, than I actually was. We would have never met. Only thanks to coincidences, or the lack of them.

What would the world be like, without those small things. Impulsive decisions. Last minute choices, rushed forward half in panic.  Taking steps toward a goal you only have a vague vision of.  Things that lead into coincidences.

What if there was consideration on every single step you took. No leaps of faith, no changes taken. Instead calculation and evaluations.  Where would you end up to?

My world, at least, would look quite different. The whole world, would it be?

The whole existence of the universe, of us, humans, is dependent on coincidences. Think about it. We are walking from a thin line to another. We trip and fall, and cause another coincidence. The trail of coincidences, or the web of them, is mind mindbogglingly vast. Imagine, if you dare.

Your personal history, your mothers history. The history of our species, of any species. Our planet, the Milky way. It keeps going back, further than we can understand. The web reaches to our future too, from moment to another, the future looks different. On every glimpse,  by every second.

Scary stuff. We are taught to be in control of our actions. On some level that is of course important. But in the scale of things, control is merely a hoax. A single live is so small and so insignificant, that control plays a minimal role. We are just floating around, pushed to directions by unexpected shifts.


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