Why Blog, Why?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

They say, diaries used to be private, locked small books, tucked away in a drawer somewhere. The diary got to know all your secrets in whispers and tears. They say, the modern day diary is as public as possible online out for the world to see. No, I say. Blog is different to a diary. The reasons for blogging, for me, are different than for keeping a diary. As a youngster I never had a diary.

The thing that made me blog, was that I finally had a reason to write. And the confidence to do so, publicly. Yes, I do need confidence to publish every single post.

Now I feel, that I have a possibility to inspire people. My life found another gear, after I moved to Belgium. I honestly feel that the things I see and do, are unique and exciting, worth sharing!

My life has now taken the fast lane, truly a fast lane. We only used to take pictures. Pictures tell a story, they revive the memories, that change. I wanted to make those memories also more permanent. So that the time would not fade the nuances of joy, tiredness, pain or love. So that the memories would not get the silver lining they sometimes tend to do.

The factor of possibly inspiring someone is an important motivator too. One can never explore world enough. If you can encourage others to take their suitcase or back pack and go somewhere new, just by writing a meaningful post. There you have magic.

This is my answer to the Million dollar question; why do you blog?


2 thoughts on “Why Blog, Why?

    1. Exactly. They do have similar traits, blogging and diaries, but somehow I don’t think I would publish all the things I might write in a diary… Maybe blog is more like a newspaper. Where I, you, or who ever is the sole editor 🙂

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