Exploring the neighborhood

I don’t know how common is the issue of not appreciating the immediate neighborhood where one happens to be living in. Me and Waffle have that issue often. We do explore around, but usually do not bother taking the camera with us, so the wonders of Rupelmonde and Oost-Vlaanderen are left undocumented.

This weekend we found our backbones and did take a dog and a camera and managed to come out alive with some photos. So here you go!

Walking in the darkness. A birthday to celebrate.
We encountered an adventurous gentleman. He happened to be a grab, far, far away from his home.
“Could you please move? I have places to be, things to do.”
A sound you say?
Relaxed bunch of ladies.
The company. They posed!
Row after row.
Greener set of rows!
You need guidance with rows. 31.
We met this very beautiful pony.
Show-offy pony.
She was very happy to share a few words with us. We became good friends. Going for coffee next Sunday maybe.
Polite introductions are the basis for every friendship with fine ladies.
Looter in the cornfield. No mice found.


Straight lines.

That was surprisingly calm but rich weekend. You do not always need to go far to find beauty and wonder. Just step out of the door and take a different set of eyes with you.

This was us, finally saying the bitter sweet goodbyes to the summer, welcoming the crispness of autumn.


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  1. Kauniiden aavojen maalaismaisemien keskellä saatte asua 🙂 when life gives you pears…!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GoneHiking says:

      …. We make pies outof them! Onhan taalla tuijoteltavaa 🙂 Viela osaa sen kauneudenkin ymmartaa, kun ei ole tuttua ja tavallista.

      Liked by 1 person

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