Rainy days have a purpose too!

Autumn has come. The rain says so. When the rain falls, washing away the colors of the landscapes, dampening the ground, making all outdoor activities feeling like the worst idea you have had since you were born, many people take their blankets and sofas and hot drinks. In our family it is a bit different. For us, it is time to take out the knitting works, laptops and maps.

These ladies did not get the memo.

These gray, cold and wet days are often the doom of our empty looking weekends. Planning happens at these moments. What usually happens in between the clinging of knitting needles is endless amounts of hunting down average weather reports, browsing through Google maps and flight shopping.

That is one reason why I love living in Belgium. You can fly from here fast, usually also cheap, into most places in Europe and Northern Africa. It is completely possible to fly for the weekend to Spain, south of France, eastern Europe, places like that. And of course we can just take the car, drive a few hours and be in a totally different setting in Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France or even UK, God forbid!

So how the organizing of all this goes; First we check if there is no good coef at the same time, naturally. Then we take Google maps and a finger. Point an area. Check for which weekend that might be able to fit and according to that go find a service that records long term weather and temperatures. These will tell you whether there is any point in going to that area after all.

After the frame work is done we will need to figure out if it is smarter to drive to that chosen destination, of if we should take a plane. Train is sometimes a fabulous option too! At that point it is better to prepare for chattered dreams. Sometimes exactly at the chosen time the prices for flying are high or something else does not match, small airports do not have flights every day, they are only just building the railway network to there etc.

But usually it is quite easy to walk around those issues. Just pick another location close by, check a different transport method or just ditch the whole idea and decide to dedicate the weekend for cleaning or maintaining the hiking gear and buggies. Not to forget seeing some friends, just to remind them that actually we still exist and are as irritating as a couple as they were thinking we were!

So a couple of grim afternoons usually means that we have enough activities for the winter months. During spring and summer we do not usually plan weekends, we just go weekends. Still we might forget some of those plans or dismiss them and do something else more on extempore basis, if there is no flights booked. I think we are actually rather well off with full time jobs. If we worked shorter hours we would have waay too many trips coming up all the time. Which is not good, since I do like impulsiveness too!

Hm. What actually was the purpose of this post? I don’t know, maybe spend a bit emptier working day somehow productively.  But now, have a nice weekend people! We are off to Germany with Waffle!


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