A Birthday, Sunset and Kite buggy

Our weekend started with a birthday on Friday. One of Waffles friends was getting older, not that you noticed anything. Such a special man he is, that we thought he might deserve something not so ordinary. So we arranged some fireworks for him. Almost burned a forest, but luckily it had been hellishly rainy for the last too weeks and everybody survived.

That evening we had to cut short, we tried to, at least. Since on Saturday we were off to France again with the buggies. It was promised to be a short coef, so we were expecting good beaches only from Sunday on. We visited Les Hemmes shortly, saw a wet and muddy piece of beach and absolutely nobody there. So change of plans. We drove further down the coast, closer to Touquet, where the beach is a bit more elevated and a lot harder!

When we arrived, the sun was setting and we were running up and down the dunes searching for a spot to pitch our tent up. So we found this small dive in the dune, opening to the beach with a splendid (Gosh I love that word!) view of the setting sun, coloring the whole beach and sky as the setting sun so often does. Being so bloody beautiful it should be illegal.

Touquet sunset

To make the evening really cheesy we lit some candles around our tent, took a footsie and ate our dinner sitting side by side, watching the sunset and the moon, casting a bridge over the sea and the beach.

We went to sleep. You would maybe think, that sleeping on a sand dune is comfortable. Well, it is not. Sand has always some bumps somewhere and you end up waking up every now and then because some part of your back is hurting like crazy. And also, the fine sand gets everywhere!


Bridge to the moon.

Touquet camping

So came the morning and time to crawl out of the tent. It is particularly pleasant thing to do, when you see a beach opening up in front of your porch. It was early, no wind but lovely sunshine. Warm morning was promising a nice breeze towards the afternoon. Before that, we packed our camp and headed for berry bushes to pick some wild sea buckthorns – massive mistake, their spikes rip your skin to pieces!


Sunshine maybe?

In between the bush came maybe the biggest surprise in the life of Waffle so far. I had been planning on a small surprise for him for his birthday. It was terribly late already and everything, but still. I had given him some small hints, like that it was related to an activity and begins with the letter A. Suddenly, that morning, he started guessing a bit more. “Is it related to buggying? Does it cost more than 100€? Are the other letters a P and an X?”

Well, yes, to all of the above. I had secretly gone and bought him an Apexx kite buggy. Until then I had been thinking, that it was just a regular, a bit better than average, buggy. I had been wrong. So wrong.

An Apexx, it is apparently just about the best thing money can buy in the world of buggying. It is the wet dream for many. The buggies are made to measure and last for a life time. So, that piece of news drove my dear Waffle to the verge of a melt down. His brain seemed to get twisted and tangled into it self. He thought I was lying for a moment, I convinced him that I wasn’t. He was an absolute mess for the whole day, but mainly insanely happy! I am afraid that his smile is gonna leave permanent damage.

I am slightly afraid about what is going to happen, when Waffle is finally able to hop onto a buggy, that actually moves somewhere and in which he is actually locked safely into the seat. He is planning on starting to fly with the buggy. Insane? Yes.


The Yakuza and squat in diapers.

Well, after that episode, we picked some berries until the wind picked up. I walked the still dizzy Waffle down to the beach with the buggies and started practicing the handling of race kites. Exhausting stuff! You need some more brains with those kites compared to what I have gotten used to driving. They react fast and they keep accelerating in a different manner and try to kill you a bit more.


Practicing was done, a few kites had gotten new lines and handles. Waffle was still dizzy and smiling, a bit lost from time to time. We were ready to pack our stuff and get home. Especially when the sea started to come up again and almost stole one of the kites. Remember to keep an eye on to the tide when you are on a beach!


On the way back home, we found this. Basilisk of Boulogne-sur-mer.

On the way home, we strolled around Boulogne-sur-mer’s fortified town and checked out who were on the beach in Les Hemmes. Waffle of course was yelling his happiness for all the people to hear at the beach. Apparently his new toy was considered a good buy.

The Waffle, he is still smiling, by the way. 


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