Autumn thoughts

I think I have a gene, a gene that activates always when the autumn comes. The gene makes you think about future and life in general. It also transforms a perfectly abnormal young woman into a warm and cosy Täti-ihminen (Aunty person). Who wants to knit woolly socks, bake until all the baking materials are finished, store things in jars and freezers and worry about loved ones getting a flu (force feeding them things made out of ginger). This continues all the way to New Year and then, after heavy drinking the regular person inside this Aunty steps out.

But now, at this moment, I think it is very important to fill the whole world with socks and mittens and scarfs. I am going through inspiration sources online like crazy (I know, I should work, but can’t help it!) We hunted down a few mushrooms as well the other day. I have managed to get Waffle hooked to mushroom picking too!

Poor thing, he had a bit different idea of quality time. This weekend we are going to France again, for buggying, but I am almost more excited about picking the sea-buckthorns, rather than buggying. You can make wonderful things out of those berries (as long as you add enough sugar)!

These are tasty even without loads of sugar!

Autumn for me is also a time for experimenting. mainly on what all you can eat from nature. mainly those experiments are pretty bad tasting, until you add some more sugar, (like the jam made out of rowan berries) or realize, that the target of your experiment was actually the semi-finished woolly sock that was being felted.. Oh well, fibers are healthy.

When it comes to thinking about the future. I think that is a feature from the earlier days, when Finnish people still were bears. We do not hibernate anymore but still prepare for the future, in order to survive the cold and harsh winter. For me, it means that a long brewing dream of mine pops up again.

I have been thinking about life on a farm. Even a farm of subsistence economy. So that I would be able to cultivate all the food by myself, keep some animals and a garden. Maybe even produce my own energy. That, I hope, would allow me to live in the same phase with nature. Stripping off luxuries and modern comforts and returning to the basics and small reasons for happiness. The Waffle does not think that as a completely insane and impossible thing to do, he even had similar thoughts himself, before we met. That makes me glad. I think he has the other half of my brain.

I hope I can fulfill that dream someday, although there is quite some traveling to do first. I am not ready to stop and settle down quite yet. But now, let the autumn come.


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