No Lists No Buckets

Bucket lists. I was having a talk with my friend about these things the other day, hence the post. Everybody seems to have their list these days. A list where you have all the things you want to do, see, experience and be a part of. People are living their lives forward. Waiting eagerly the moment they are able to cross an item from their list and head for the next goal.

But do you really need one and why?

It’s just that I think a list, in a way, reduces the journey of life into a project. A project with goals and destinations, when it can be something much more. Something much more alive. I am well aware that other people will have different opinions on this matter.

I don’t quite get the whole idea of this. My way of life does not fit onto a list. I was actually trying to figure out the things that might form my bucket list, but, honestly, it looked quite empty. This does not mean that I do not have dreams and hopes or wishes on where I want to go to or what I want to do. Of course I have, everyone does!

Sometimes you need to stop, sit down and take it all in.

We, me and Waffle, live hectically from moment to another. We shoot out ideas and make them happen, if they are not entirely bonkers. We take joy out of impulsiveness. So, I am not too eager to make these moments into a list. I like to keep planning as a breathing and changing organism. We go wherever the wind takes us, embracing everything new, without having it made into a goal or a thing to be achieved.  We might fulfill our dreams, or not. The dream might change or evolve. All this is acceptable and fine. There is no “must do” thing in life. We just make sure that the we keep on moving and having the best time of our lives. The tomorrow will come whether it was listed or not.

Living without lists does not mean living without guidance.

Peace, Love and Rock’n’roll


4 thoughts on “No Lists No Buckets

  1. Well, my list are in my head. 🙂 Driving the Route 66, Visiting the Antarctica and once more to visit in my life in Little Finland in Penedo, Brazil. There are every Saturday dances on the Club. Brazilian and Finns dance Finnish dances – awesome.

    Maybe to learn a new language. That is my list. Short. 🙂

    Happy weekend!

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  2. Good post, made me think! I have tried to put up my bucket list – but it just kept growing and growing because I want to do so many things! A huge list is the same as no list at all, because it’s impossible to follow. Choosing a thing from the list to do next just doesn’t work, since what you can do in that moment depends on so many things. So I abandoned the whole list. Not that I still wouldn’t have places in mind where I want to go someday, but they can just stay there until the time is right. Meanwhile we can just enjoy the life that happens today. 🙂 I guess this was kinda your point too.


    1. Thank you! My thoughts exactly. And at least my list would change every two months or so, so there is no point to list anything. Just go where your life takes you ^_^


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