Back to the Beginning

The day finally came! Me and the Waffle boarded a plane to head for Finland for the first time in 6 months! This was one of the trips we actually had to plan. I mean really, make a schedule and route plan and all that junk. We only had a week to spend in my home country and many, many people to see in 3 different cities.

We landed in Estonia, hurried to the boat and sailed off to Helsinki. Finally home, breathing the crisp air of the night and getting slightly lost with a bus somewhere in Espoo. We stayed at a friend of mine, she took us in, sleepy but bursting with joy and giggles! Soon we were seated onto a table full of “small evening snacks” with cats purring under the table. We felt so welcome.

For Helsinki, we budgeted 2 days. Two days of meeting people, eating well, visiting relatives and eating a bit too well. We were on the move constantly. Hectic I’d say, but wonderful time when you meet all those you missed, after so much time had passed. Helsinki showed us it’s best face. Perfect weather and happy people. We spent two long evenings with friends, surrounded with laughter and joy.


After a lot of fun, we had to leave Helsinki behind and head for Tampere, where we would meet our Armenian friends. We had met them previously in Scotland on the side of a mountain. No mountains this time. Only blood sausage, sauna, night swimming and some more sauna. We got to the taste of the real Finland over there.


A view over the Pyhäjärvi lake in Tampere

The amount of relaxation you get, when you take a dip into a chilly lake after a hot sauna. The freshness tingles into your muscles and mind. You can feel all the stress dripping out of you. Just gotta love sauna.


We ate, we drank and we talked, until the morning came and time for goodbyes, the time no one likes.  But we had one last destination; My home in Siilinjärvi, and my parents were already waiting. So off to the road again for a few hours and we could dive into the peaceful countryside postcard.


We found out, that my dad had turned into a Joulupukki and mom had prepared to feed a whole army. Also my brother was coming over, had not seen him in ages.


My childhood happened there, in the middle of nature, on the side of a lake. Now that Waffle has been with me, I see it all with fresh eyes. On a beautiful summer the place is a paradise.


The peacefulness is something you cannot imagine. There is only greenery and calm waters around you. Waffle is completely in love with the place. It is so much different compared to Belgium.


Lake Kallavesi

The emptiness and vastness of things apparently makes an impression on him.


We enjoyed to the full, picking berries and mushrooms. Rowing across the lake to skinny dip from a rocky shore. Fishing a little. During the nights we admired the Milky Way that  comes out once the sun has set. Waffle even saw his first Aurora Borealis!


Footsie, no shoes.

All good things come to an end, so did our holiday in Finland. Early in the morning we packed our car and headed for Helsinki, to board a ship and sail to Tallinn. We were slightly late. I was stressing like hell, as I always am and we were both starting to snap at each other, especially after we realized, that there is no such thing as a gas station in the center of Helsinki.


Manneken Piss – large

On the last minute we boarded while ending an internet subscription on the phone and arrived in Tallinn 2 hours later. The harbor of Tallinn is full of Finns. They go there to buy cheap alcohol, since the booze taxes in Finland are ridiculously high. Walking away from the harbor and alcohol stores we pretty fast reached the old city.


Tallinn is beautiful and inviting small capital city. All the houses are painted in pastel colors and the street plan of the city seems to be formed pretty organically. Making funny scenes of decorated churches appearing from someones back yard. The people are friendly too!


This holiday was full of leaving. So we also left Tallinn, took a plane to Düsseldorf and went home. Germany waited for us with a splash of rain ready to wash away all the happy memories. It failed. Finland left behind a slight home sickness. It made the plan of returning home even more clear. My roots are there and they do call me every now and then.


Go look for more pictures by clicking this one!

I am leaving you all again for a while. Searching for new exciting things to write about, so see you next time!


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