Hiking Through a Country

Be it Luxembourg, but we still managed to hike through a complete country. One might ask why you want to do a thing like that. Well, for us the meaning for this trip was to get a bit in shape before the hiking trip to Scotland. Luxembourg has a lot of hills and Scotland a few mountains, so we decided to start with the hills, and progress to mountains.

Border to border. So, how do you begin the hike through a country. Well, find a border, leave your car there, hop on to a bus and find the border on the opposite side, then hike back to your car. Simple. I do recommend you to pick a rather small country. Crossing Russia for example might be a little bit more difficult on foot. When jumping out of the bus, a slight feeling of being stupid is likely to occur; why on earth would you walk back the same distance you just traveled comfortably, sitting in a bus?
By the way, Luxembourg is really good at arranging public transport.


Our hike started at Vianden, heading west towards the Belgian border, where our car was waiting for us. Distance was about 60 kilometers, which means crossing two complete topographic maps. We planned to walk it in about 3 days.


A Hill! Luxembourg seems to be unable to maintain even levels of ground. So the hike began with a nice climb circling the castle of Vianden and off to the countryside. First night we threw our tent next to a little stream in a forestry valley. Got soaked during the night since it was raining and the tent happened to leak.


So we left onto the journey of the second day, up and down a few hills. So massively green out there, all the valleys are filled with rivers and greenery.


It is rather beautiful and you find a lot of snails and really friendly cows all over the place. Actually, at the second camp we had a rather athletic and amusing herd of bovines as neighbors.


Captain Slow. The next morning we woke up to the reality, that we will never make the walk in 3 days. Being out of shape, slow and running around with the camera after every possible thing. Snails, mainly. We headed on, towards the lovely little town of Esch-Sur-Sûre.  We finally met a few people, over a beer. They thought that we were rather insane. Hiking through a country. Also, after two days of hiking in warm weather without the opportunity to take a bath, well, you know.


The Paradise. We walked on, on the side of the Lake Esch. Annoyingly close to the road, but luckily it never takes long for the trails to dive into a forest. We had been hunting for nice camping spots from the map and did find a nice looking bay at the Esch.


We arrived, and the region was even better than we had dared to hope. It was a forest of oaks right at the shore with an amazing view. And of course plenty of deer had found the place too. One had left a decent sized horn behind for us. Yes, our souvenirs are sometimes oddish.


That was our last night of hiking and camping on that trip. It is incredibly calming to sleep in the nature, at that point we could hear owls calling and probably a deer or two rustling around in the bushes. This is probably a spot where we will return, once the kayaking season is here.


Luxembourg. I love that little country. It is somehow welcoming and everything is small. The villages are so tiny, that all the residents seem to know each other, and greet you when they see you. They take on strangers with friendly curiosity and are clearly proud of their domain. I am so happy, that we live only a couple of hour away!

Pssst. More snails can be found from here!


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