The Earlier Days

I am sorry if someone finds it irritating that I keep lingering in the events that already happened, but I do want to write all the dearest memories of the first months down. It is important to me.

As I mentioned, we are a lot on the move, we might have been at home about 3 weekends during the first 4 months. So I am going to bore you with some special picks from those trips. Not all of them, that would be a long LONG post.



Les Hemmes. For some reason Waffle wanted me to see the small sandbox he and all his friends use as their playground. It is called Oye Plage and you can find it from the northern coast of France, somewhere between Calais and Dunkerque. My first visit there was on a particularly sunny Sunday, right after the Valentine’s Day.  This time we skipped the regular sport of kite buggying, instead we went walking. The tide was low, so it took a good half an hour to get from the dunes all the way to where the sea wanted to spend time that day. That is something hard to comprehend for a Finn. A beach so large that it looks like a desert. For some reason going fast on wind power on such a surface, does not feel too bad of an idea anymore.


On that trip we also found quite some seals sun bathing on a sand bank. Those animals you just gotta love. Such curious blobs.


The Easter Finn. Since bunnies are so last season, we got a Finn for the Easter. They bring Ruisleipä and Fazer and such things instead of eggs.

So I had my dear, dear friend from Finland visiting us. Oh poor girl. I don’t know if she knew what she was signed up for. We set off to a miniature Europe tour, visiting cities in Belgium. Driving through Luxembourg; Germany and the Netherlands.


So we went and saw cities in rainfall and ate too much chocolates.


Held our breaths in the valleys of Luxembourg and drove through some vineyards and churches in Germany.


Wondered around a bit in the low lands of Holland and ate giant waffles at the seaside. Extreme relaxation for all of us. After that great trip, my working life over here began.


During the visit, I got of course the chance to speak in Finnish again. You do not realize what a period of two months not using your mother tongue does to your brain. The languages are somehow returned to the factory settings, and something is broken in the process, my Finnish now has a weird, weird dialect.

Normandy. For a couple that is on the move a lot, we are extremely bad at planning. We just noticed on a Monday in April, that there is a long weekend coming up. We had no plans, until the Waffle remembered that we both actually wanted to visit Normandy. What a perfect destination for a long weekend!


So in the end of the working week we bought a few maps, packed the car and headed for France. Thinking about the white cliffs. The nice thing about France is wild camping. You just go and throw out your tent and enjoy the most wonderful views nature can offer. We just basically picked a cliff, popped up the tent and camped, right at the edge of a cliff, listening to the sea and the screams of the seagulls.


Normandy is an incredibly beautiful region. We spent a couple of days exploring only the coast. The white cliffs already offer a lot to see, all the small caves and arches and stuff. And the sound the sea makes when it moves the round rocks along the shore, magical. I also envy the local cows. On that trip we found also very very fine goat cheese and goat milk chocolate. Yummy! We also learned never again to buy cider from a goat farmer. They are apparently very able to mix the goats with the cider. Somehow.


Last night of Normandy offered us probably an experience we will never forget. We were again staying in our tent at the seaside. We thought it would be a warmish night, around 5 degrees or so. We were brave enough to leave out our extra blanket. Also our mattress was feeling brave and decided to deflate. And the night was feeling brave and dropped below zero. Fun, right? In the morning we found the tent and our noses covered in a nice frost, not the nicest situation to wake up in.


All in all. Yeah, those have been the most memorable trips of this spring, and now the summer is coming. So you will probably hear a lot about short weekend things.


We just spent a few days hiking in Luxembourg, I love that country, and yesterday we returned from a long holiday in Scotland. So I wont be shutting up anytime soon. Sorry.


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