A Finn In and Around Belgium

Goodbye. It was around my birthday when I left Finland; I do think that birthdays are good times to make big changes to your life. Although, mine was not planned at all.  Saying the goodbyes and farewells to my friends felt particularly important and meaningful at that time.

So, I left a lot of things, friends and life behind me, to come over to live with The Waffle. And it has been worth it. Though I do miss certain bits. Friends, of course, some foods. It is nearly impossible to get Ruisleipä from here. Also, Belgians seem to hate liquorice. I have been trying to bake some Pulla, but these guys do not seem to know what cardamom is.

Sauna. Nothing beats a decent sauna.


I have been developing my inner Belgian. I now drink beer. It seems to be important and necessary if you live around these corners. If you say, you do not really like it, I think they will burn you alive as a witch or something. And waffles, I love them. Especially that one Waffle.


Home? Yes, we have a home. No, we are not there. We don’t really spend too much time inside the borders of our home country. We seem to be going all the time somewhere. We follow the sun, tide and impulsive ideas.  That might be one of the reasons why this is not an interior design blog. When you are never home, the house kind of explodes, slowly heading to chaos.


Our destinations are often a bit weird. We follow the sun, tide and impulsive ideas. We seem to be going to places where nobody else really wants to go; a beach in wintertime, forest, The Netherlands. And our hiking boots constantly travel with us. You never know when you meet a nice hike.


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